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Joos's journal


The legendary self

I have started creating a new painting, guided by Shiloh McCloud’s inspiring instructions.
The theme is the legendary self, that is to say, I paint from a curiosity about how "she" wants to appear at this moment.
My initial intention was to show how the legendary self emerges from the fog and I'm super surprised to see that a figure appears who knows that pleasure is the driving force of our universe.
The last idea of my book Wholeness also expresses this:

I entrust myself to this moment.
I entrust myself to the Force that takes delight in me as part of
This relationship is eternal.

When I wrote the book I had the feeling that this was about entrusting ourselves to a Force outside ourselves.
Now I know that pleasure and joy can also be found deep within, by being aware of the feminine caverns inside our bodies.
Finally I am beginning to find words to convey this.