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Joos's journal


The Art of Allowing


Both in our daily lives and in painting we can practise The Art of Allowing.
We do not have much to say about what happens to us and tomorrow everything may be different.
Opening myself for this is the challenge and through painting I practise to follow my heart and learn to allow what wants to happen.
I made this painting when I taught the method to someone else and the image reminds us to receive what's good.
She looks contemplative to me and expresses how I feel.



Beyond words

I made this painting in one day, as a preparation for a one day painting lesson I am going to give.
I used loose brushstrokes and it feels to me that the image is beyond words.
The bird above her head appeared by itself.



Calm presence

This painting was made by me while I taught the Art of Allowing to someone else.
I enjoy her calm presence.
She teaches me the beauty of imperfection and comforts me that doing less is good enough.



Silent knowing




This painting is an attempt to a style of abstract expressionism.
I needed to overcome old fears before I could paint her.
That is why I gave her the name Victory.



One plus one is more than two

What I like most about the painting process is the irrational aspect.
Why do I paint a bird on her shoulder?
Only after doing that am I aware that this painting is about the fact that the bird and the woman share the same space.
I experience how powerful this is, because of the connection.
One plus one is more than two.
That is not rational either, but we can easily sympathize with this idea.




Making this painting will take another year, because Shiloh planned it so.
I'm curious.
It is mysterious not to know beforehand what is going to happen, but in fact that is also true in life.
It is evidently my path to want to express this.



The shortest day

Today the sun is farthest removed from us in the Northern Hemisphere.

I feel the darkness, both around me and inside, through my emotions.

I probably sympathize too much with the worries of my loved one and in this way I create the absence of light in myself.

My essence longs for expansion, for being present inside myself, and for feeling my body.

I allow myself to take up space and make room for renewal and for the birth of the light.



Exploring freedom

I made this painting by freely applying a lot of diluted paint on a previously made portrait.
During the painting process I had the feeling that this would lead nowhere and I felt many control lights flickering inside me.
Yet I continued and even used a wooden spatula from the kitchen to spread the paint.
It's fun to expand boundaries and explore new possibilities.



Leaving behind the old

Life and painting lead me in the direction of leaving behind old ways of being, and follow a deeper chord of my life instead, moving forward beyond the mind.