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Trust, ©Joos

Two perls

We are two perls, living at the bottom of the ocean
I love the water that flows between us, touching you

Joos, August 7, 2022

I cry for the good we used to live

I cry for the good we used to live
The then lived feels sweet now, my soul delighted
I feel the harmonic presence I brought with me
And the amazement that not everything and everybody fitted in
That’s why it is so nice to be alone now, to live alone in the midst of…

Joos, July 13, 2022


When we judge
we place the living person
behind a wall.
We only see our verdict then.

Discernment is different.
we then choose
what we still want to accept
and what’s unacceptable.
That's when freedom comes closer...
Joos, May 6, 2020



May wisdom have me,
hold me,
be me.

Joos, March 1st, 2020


Has the winter of my life arrived?
Or will there be another spring?
You got out of the car,
left the property.
Went on your own
and I don't know where.
Am I left helpless,
deep in mourning?
My body lets me know
that even my soul hurts.
There must be some life for me, too,
now that you're gone.

Outside there is a storm,
I'm shaky on my legs.
Want to set me up bravely
and move on
without you.
I'm sure
it's going to work.
Actually, I am doing quite well.
How can my whole being
know this now?
Or is this my wholeness?
Pain and joy
it's all here,
both totally
part of my life.
I accept
without pushing away
the one
or the other side.
Both may be here
as one.

Joos, February 9, 2020


My body is mourning
and falling in love at the same time.
I let it be
in a perpetual movement.
My mind doesn't understand
but still...

I will warm you my love,
cover you with delicious colours,
until you can feel the intimacy
that's waiting for you.
Intimacy with yourself,
intimacy with the other.
Where grief and loneliness
make space for the warmth of
the fulfillment of your deepest
Farewell my dear,
life is good.

January 28, 2020

We are held

Sometimes we suffer when someone is going to die,
but know that you are held my dear
by an unimaginable source of life.
Do not sink into your grief, my dear,
because life is immanent in death
and death is immanent in life.
Our minds cannot understand
but our bodies know
that everything is impermanent
and nothing dies.

Joos, November 17, 2019

My deepest desire

My deepest desire is
to listen to her.
To follow her voice of wisdom
of allowing and rendering.

Just the yin,
I will be the yang
who contains with firmness
the flowing river
deep inside.

Fertile valley,
blossoming life force,
streaming river
ever renewing.

May her words
flow through me.
May I dare to speak
and trust.

Joos, August, 18, 2018

Wild woman

Wild woman is claiming her seat now
She wants to be freed from being good
What a surprise, this new energy
Beyond mourning and doing her best
Wild woman stirs her wildernis tail

She still is timid, like an animal reared in a cage
Doesn’t know her expansion
And fears the loss of the bars of feeling safe

I welcome her, not knowing much about her
Invite her to smell the freedom within
To thrive on whatever happens
and trust that all is well

Joos. May 30, 2018


You, who sings a song in my heart,
You, who lets yourself be heard in singing
You, who calms my nerves in overwhelm.
You, the silent power we so long for.
You, whose grace descends on us,
You, the unexpected presence
Let yourself be heard through us.

Take our hands when we are lonely
Let us feel your support
Help us bravely cross the bridges
We are ready, yes we are.
Help us navigate our life.
You, the love that is within us
Bring us safely home to you.

Joos, May 28, 2018

The feminine

Her soft belly
like the branches
of an oak tree
moving in the wind.

She invites me
to touch
her skin.
Pure delight
my soul.

is the keyword here,
reminding me
of mothers,
long forgotten.

Blood is flowing
through my veins,
my wounded

I take delight
in Her
and in the juicy,
hidden inside
the deep rivers
of my life.

Joos, April 4, 2018

Tender love

Underneath my worries and my fear
I feel a tender love for those
who are near to me.
I want to cherish this love
that is as soft
as a newborn
A tear runs over my cheek,
in deep recognition
of all the pain
and the hurt
of those
who suffer,
including myself,
the deeper part of me.
This gentle tenderness
is as close as I can get
to being me,
where the Divine
and me
are being One.

Joos, January 13, 2018


Long ago we stepped in the same car,
the two of us.
The journey was about tender happiness
and doing everything together,
even though you went to work every day.

Suddenly, also long ago,
life put us on another trail.
You didn’t understand issues
that were clear to you before.
Panic arose, especially for me,
your buddy,
because I knew that our car had taken another direction.

Now you have stepped out of the car,
you live somewhere else,
where everything is arranged in a way
to give you the right attention.
I take the steering wheel now,
before we get off the road together,
and enter the following address in the navigation system:

The destination is:

May I feel my wholeness,
also when you are not present in my life anymore.
And may I be able to say goodbye to you in a peaceful way
when the time has come.

Yes, that’s where I want to go.

Joos, December 17, 2017

I send you a letter

I send you a letter of love
my dear child
You make me happy even
when I hear no more than burbs
in my belly.
I want to take babysteps with you
until you can walk
on your own little feet.
I want to hold you near
until you spread your wings
to be the angel
that you are.
Forget about work
little one,
you may play
I shall listen
to your voice
in the silence
until you let yourself be heard
amongst the loudest
of people.
I want to let you know
that you are safe
my dear.
Together we let go
of our fear for abandonment,
rejection, overwhelm,
so that you
may unfreeze
the shock and terror
that put you
on alarm.
No reason for agony
my dear little one.
Shrieking sounds
are no more than
that something
is asking
for our attention.
You may rest
in my arms
little one.
We are safe now,
the struggle is over.

Joos, November 10, 2017

Old age

You are leaving life my dear
like a plaster slowly tearing from my skin.
Innocent, naked and vulnerable
you resemble a newborn child.

I feel like a lion wanting to protect her young
and find shelter in the warm morning sun
sound of chirping birds
woodpecker throbbing
early mushrooms in the grass
frolicking butterflies.

How much can a body endure?
Or does the lightness of this ever present nature
lend the power to abide near the one who is parting?
I choose this weightlessness to be with you my dear.
May lightness be with us in the whirl of life.

Joos, July 31th, 2017


Come abide in my arms my dear,
nestle your head on my breast.
Your nature is innocent.
I shall take away your burden,
send your worries away,
they are not who you are.
You are a child of the universe,
all of us are
You are born from free will,
the will of the Divine,
to bring peace to this world of fighting
and to find the harmony of resonance
with your soul.
I see it in your eyes, my dear,
they twinkle like a star
May I lift your burden
and receive who you are,
at the deepest,
at the highest?

Joos, April 9, 2017

My greates lesson in life

My greatest lesson in life
has changed.
I may feel everything,
my anger, my sadness, my mourning,
my fear…
I welcome myself warmly,
make myself feel loved,
with all that arises.
No need to deny anymore,
no need to sojourn
in an image of myself.
Even my greatest desires
and darkest places
will be greeted
in humble
about life.
Oh yes, this may be.

Joos, March 5, 2017

In her silence

In her silence
she tells me
that peace comes from
She commands me
to let go of
We create our own
so be totally
for your own
Live from the inside
There is a warmth
in your heart
that never
Be totally
in this joy
of being who you are.
No one else
will do it for you.
Your uniqueness
is being called for.
Stop hiding,
be brave,
step out of your
comfort zone.
Be still and know
that I am.

Joos, March 2016

Hearing her call

We can hear her call nearby.
the voice of her longing to be intimate
wanting to show herself in all her scary ways.
Tell me, I hear you,
you who is me.
Born out of this utmost longing
to be heard
to be seen
to be felt
to find words.
I shall show my inner beauty,
also when I feel rage
and am dressed in rags.
I shall show my inner beauty
when there is nothing left
to shine.
because I trust that your voice is similar
to mine.
And you will feel the touch of awakening
by me moving the furniture
that is hidden in my soul.
We do not have to make sense,
be rational,
be linear.
We are the fullest of the fullest
if we only allow
to open the door
towards the unseen treasures
that are now in the hiding.

Joos, 2015


Like our mothers and our fathers

Like our mothers
and our fathers
we inherited
to overwhelm
and violence.
Let’s place them
on a fertile compost heap
where flowers can grow
with ease and grace,
strong stems
and juicy leaves.
Let them remind us
of the beauty of nature
that we are.

Joos, 5th of February 2016

Sitting here

Sitting here,
feeling the rhythm of my soul
wavering like the light of a candle,
waiting to come into being
each new moment.
Waiting to be revealed.

Joos, January 9, 2016

And she spoke from behind the veil

And she spoke from behind the veil:
You don’t see me,
your projections are in the way.
You may let go of your reaction to reactivity
and live in intimacy with me
who is the Source of your wellbeing.
Grace is bestowed upon you
all the time
and you keep forgetting.
Just relax here now.
I am here with you
to dance,
to make love together,
ever expanding.
Leave your worries behind,
they are in the way,
they block the temple
of your Being.
Come closer,
I am here now.

Joos, 28th of December, 2015


The oak tree has finally dropped her leaves.
She is rising high, barren branches gently waving in the wind.
For her surrender is not needed, she just follows her nature.

It is winter in my life.
Time to let go and remember to stand tall
like the oak tree in my garden.

Joos, 26th of December, 2015


No matter what the other does to me,
I want to show up with respect.
Respect for the reasons that caused the other person’s way of being.

I want to show up with respect,
in order to heal my own wounds
that get agitated when someone triggers them.

I want to show up with respect, anyhow,
in order to discontinue
the blaming and the framing
we have done in the past.

Help me to show up with respect,
Source of Grace,
so that I will not tumble
when I feel attacked.

I want to show up with respect,
so that we will not continue
the eternal fights
that lived amongst us.

I want to change the game,
I want to show up with respect.

Joos, 22nd of December 2015


Creating space

From the beginning
I have loved so much
that I got all tangled up
and constricted.

Now that I am grown,
I know about the need
for disentangling,
and surrender my life
to a greater plan.

I serve nobody
by squeezing myself
out of my life.

I stand up,
and remind myself
to create space
by expanding
and relaxing,
not contracting,
every time anew.

Joos, November 7, 2015

Tender love

Underneath my worries
and my fear
I feel a tender love
for those
I care about.
I want to cherish
this love
that is as soft
as a newborn baby.
A tear
runs over
my cheek
in deep
of all the pain
and the hurt
of those
who suffer,
including myself,
the deeper part of me,
that I have neglected
for so long.
This deep
is as close
as I can get
to being me,
where I can feel
that the Divine
and me
are being

Joos, November 7, 2015

The birth

Desolation, deep neglect, total despair.
No support, from nobody...
Unbridled lack.
Forces push me out, to unfamiliar territory.
I surrender, feel no love, just violence.
Silence, I am here ...
Quietly carried by an unknown force.
Soft clothes cover me.
The house is warm,
I smell coffee.
My heart is quietly breathing. 
Eyes open,
I look.
I am.

Joos, October 15, 2015

Listening, waiting, watching

My energy moves towards the ocean,
the ocean comes to me.
Soft breeze around my face.
I hear birds chirping.
and then the infinite sound of the breakers.
My heart and soul
abide in You.
Deep listening,

Joos, September 26, 2015

I sit at your Lotus feet

I sit at your Lotus feet
in humble and eager waiting.
I know You are present,
not only in the clarity of the light
but also in the darkness of the mud,
where roots grow and nourish themselves.
I want to breed long roots,
in order to grow a tall and sturdy stem.
I want to explore the deep hidden rivers
underneath me,
and savor the luscious wellbeing
of juicy playfulness.
Touching and tasting
my way in the dark,
exploring new ways of being
besides the conventional ones,
I want to find fresh ways
of seeing the truth,
with new words
to describe
Your endless

Joos, August 15, 2015


A good book

When you read a good book,
and a sentence touches you,
get your favorite pen
and a sketchbook.
Write down, on an empty page,
the words you just read.
Use your most elegant handwriting.
Then draw with the lovely pen,
the face of a woman
and know that this feminine presence
has a message for you,
Decorate the page a bit more,
with some color if you like.
Do all of this with tenderness
and create your own book,
the book of your life.

The wise one

The wise one came by and said:
"I wonder why you do this.
With so many things in life,
I wonder.
What is the artifact you are searching?
Is it to be known or to be safe?
Why is it that you want to create all the time?
Take your rest and enjoy
the beauty that is here
all around you.
You still catch yourself in a cage.
Let go of your rumblings,
let go of your rumor.
Enjoy life as it is.
That is what life is for."

Joos, October 3, 2014



I long to be living
in true intimacy
with my soul.
Living on the brink
of Now and Future,
the expression “Thy will be done”
is a glorious one
and not a sign
of resignation.
Please guide my hands,
nourish my soul,
so that I can see your beauty

Joos, September 29, 2014


My inside does not understand
and is upset.
The wise one comes by and says:
Accept the decline,
embrace her,
love her,
take her in your arms,
make her into an ally.
Just like a tree loses her leaves
without a trace of sadness,
you can learn
to embrace death,
together with life.
My inside understands
and embraces death
like a loved one.
With tears in my heart
I dance the dance.

Joos. July 4, 2014

The feminine

May we be blessed in our journey together
Oh yes, may this be.

What is the feminine?
the beauty of being.
Life giving,
all encompassing,

What is the feminine?
Listening to the birds
chirping, nesting,
feeling the soft gentle whisper
of the wind.
It is nothing special,
just you and I,
reminding ourselves
of the greatness
The feminine
is here now.
Nothing to be sought,
nothing to be accomplished.
Just you and I here.

Joos, April 6, 2014


Open, dear one,
to what is true for you.
You can feel it your heart,
in every breath.
Open, beloved,
to what you want to say,
I am here to receive.
You have closed down
for so long,
receive my invitation.
Let me know your sorrow,
your joy,
let’s awaken together
and receive the gift of life.
Open, dear one,
and let me know
what is true for you.
I shall sit with you
in sacred space
and hold you
as you awaken.

Joos, September 12, 2013


Loving the challenge

You walk into my life,
You are the perfect adversary
to strengthen my sword as a warrior,
a warrior of light.
You can defeat me
if I hate you.
You can swallow me
if I fear you.
But I choose to ride
the wave of love.
Passionate love,
tender love,
outrageous love.
Love that turns darkness into light,
pain into passion,
rage and bitterness into ever growing life.
Love for the adversary that is part of my life
makes my wings grow,
turns the fragile pettiness
into wings of the eagle
that carry me high.
I outrageously love you,
the challenge in my life,
the obstacle that veils the light.
It is a choice,
a way of perception
to use the fear
as the fuel for love.

Joos, July 17, 2013 


The soft trembling in my heart

Shall I write about the ocean
that’s in front of me,
or just about the scents
from the kitchen next door?
The soft trembling inside
that I always long for
does not depend on
what happens outside me.
I know that this trembling
deep inside my heart
is my profoundest reason
for writing,
so that people like you and me
will find peace there.
This subtle trembling
has been drawing my attention
for years.
The journey towards her
is just as important
as being there,
because how would I be able
to tell you
how to get there?
Fortunately others
have preceded me
in living from the silence
in which you and I are.

Joos, July 10, 2013


Outrageous love

I outrageously love the silence,
the silence from which all emerges,
the silence that embraces us
when we vanish
when we wander,
when we do not know the way.
I outrageously love the silence,
the Source of being 
in each of us.
The wisdom springs from her
and shows the way
for how to be
on this earth.
I outrageously love the silence.
She gives me the power
to ponder and yearn
to find my destiny
when I have forgotten.
She helps me to evolve
into ever finding more ways
to bring answers
when we don't remember
that we are sourced in Love. 

Joos, June 27, 2013


When I am an old lady

When I am an old lady
I will finally understand
that I am free to move
in any direction.
The more free I move,
the more inspiration to others
I will be.
So let me wear
bright underwear
and take it easy
when someone frowns at me.
I’ll laugh and be happy
and turn it around
by having this disarming look
in my eyes
that conquers the heart
of whoever will sue me
for stepping over boundaries
that aren’t really here.
When I am an old lady
I hope I can make you and me laugh
or cry or whatever.
I just need to practice a bit
to undo my upbringing,
but I do want you do know
that you are invited
to dream with me
about what else we can do
when I am an old lady
and you are whatever
you wish to be.

Joos, June 15, 2013


To the great Mother

I love and cherish you, Última Madre, You who knows all the faces we can have and loves anyhow.
I outrageously love You who knows my name and my life.
You live deep in my heart and in the hearts of others.
I outrageously love you and cuddle up in your all embracing arms.
I am so in love.
I sit at your feet and wait for your grace and your blessing.
You know the darkest places inside yourself and embellish them to be the mere, warm Presence that holds all of us in Love.
Madre I know you forgive me for mistakes I may have made.
Maybe they aren’t even mistakes in your eyes, because you know that I did all of what I did because I wanted to be good and forgot that I am good, no matter what.
You see the beauty in everything, especially in the darkest places.
Your warmth will soothe me in the depth of the cells of my body.
Your warm, generous body can hold all of us in your arms.
You are the Mystery that cannot be defied, because we will always be searching for you, yearning for you and keep you alive in our hearts.
You great Mother, I don’t know how to express my outrageous love and yearning for you, especially in these heartbreaking times.
I know that you are here in the deepest well of my being.
I love your earthliness, your big breasts, your soft hands that have worked on the land, your feet that make you so human, so wild, so brave, to overcome the harshness that life can bring to so many.
I pray to You that you make yourself felt to me in ever deeper, warmer ways.
May I feel your loving and generous embrace so that the seed of love in myself will open ever more blossoming life till the end of my days and ever after.

Joos, June 10, 2013

True self 

I give my life to you.
I give my life in your holy hands.
I surrender to love in the deepest, in the highest. 
You are in the center holding all these spaces. 
You are in the embrace of heaven and earth,
in the play of light and darkness,
in the beauty of the world around me.
In deep humbleness I bow for you,
in deep surrender I give my life.
Show me the way.
May my body be a temple for you
where I can feel the fire of my passion
to be serving in the world.
Show me the way,
which is my way.
May I find the words to express your love for us.
May your love radiate through me.
I have yearned for you all my life.
Help me to feel that I found you.

Joos, February 10, 2013


The Mother

Let me cradle you my love,
and feel you in a way you have never been touched before.
Sense me in your belly, my love,
where your wellbeing may live
when you leave your sores behind.
You are well my dear,
your ways are very welcome in this World.
Feel how it is to be touched by love.
Feel the cells of your body tingling in joy.
They shine in a new way,
like a baby who has just been born.
So soft and gentle your body feels in our embrace.
Receive my love with your whole being.

Joos, February 9, 2013


O sweet humbleness

O sweet humbleness,
woven by my failures.
May I love the flaws of trying so hard
but sometimes missing.

Joos, October 21, 2012


The circle of life

I see the beginning.
And I see the end.
Have we come full circle?

Joos, October 16, 2012



I spoke with your soul last night and know that all is well

Joos. September 21, 2012


Filling the well

Just sitting here,
the sounds of the ocean opening my ears from having been closing to too many sounds I didn’t want to hear.
The silence in between the in and the out of the breakers replenishing my soul from too much involvement in whatever.
A sip from a glass of red wine, a bite of cheese, the burgundy pink of the bougainvillea.
Birds swarming by, a breath of wind touching my body.
My soul loves the smell and the sound and the whispers of the ocean.
Just replenishing, that’s all.

Joos, September 9, 2012


Know in the deepest of your being

Know in the deepest of your being that you are loved my dear,
even though we do not always remember.
Know in the deepest of your being that you are loved my dear,
there is no need to ask for this.
Know that you are strong, powerful and beautiful,
you could do with less protecting.
The Force radiates through you,
even though you may not notice,
and brings life everlasting. 
Know in the deepest of your being that you are innocent my love,
trust this when you have forgotten.
The Force is with you my dear,
she is the essence of who we are.

Joos, August 14, 2012



My tenderness grows like the petals of a flower whenever I let go of my story of attachment
and feel instead that it's me running wildly in my love for my loved one.
Just staying with tenderness helps me to let go of whatever happens and whatever will happen.
My tenderness is more permanent than the feeling towards whoever I cling to if I just let the softness be
and do not allow for her to harden into old feelings of being dismissed.
May the tenderness remain, regardless of your staying or leaving.

Joos, June 8, 2012



I surrender ever deeper without knowing who is surrendering to what.
Dissolving, opening, without any door being present.
Just this here now, me you This.

Joos, May 5, 2012



you are the ground under my feet,
the resonance of the sound,
the thread between the tones,
the harmony of my existence.
I would like to embrace you,
but you are unaffected,
yet so near.
will you hold me in your arms?
I receive you in my depth.
shall I spread you like the ripples round a stone that drops in the water,
so that others will welcome you?
Will there be less war then,
will peace be nearer by?

Joos, May 4, 2012


Where shall I go?

What do You want me to do but sit here?

I the wanderings of the mind your silence is broken.
Return to her whenever you can, because she is your great witness to all that is appearing.
Keep her clean of suffering.
Clear your mind from all burden.
In longevity I tell you this.
Trust and you shall find.
Eternal life is awaiting you here.
Make the leap, jump,
to save your soul from all
that is clogging your windows.
Be still and know that I am.

Joos, April 7, 2012

The howl of a wolf

The howl of a wolf is finding my voice,
a longing for the moon and for the stars.
Just follow this road he says and listen to me.
I keep you on track when you are pushed to deviate.
We are heading in this direction.
Just this now here be.

Joos, February 14, 2012


Groundless grounds

Moving more into myself,
into the silence of my being.
There seems to come no end to this,
these endless grounds need clearing.
I feel the bottomless waters of fecundity,
home where treasures are hidden
and silent rapture evolves.
I love these groundless grounds,
this field of invitation where lover and beloved are One.

Joos, January 29, 2012


Deepest ground

Depth of deepest ground where treasures play hide and seek.
Come forward dear one, in sweet embrace.
You are the truth of the hiding the seeking and hidden presence.
Come to the light my dear love
and bring glow to the darkness of life eternal.
I say this.

Joos, January 2, 2011


To the trees

Teach me your ways.
How you move gently in the wind,
in breeze or winter storm,
not showing any sign of harm
when the gale is over.
Teach me your ways.
How you throw your seedlings
and let the wind spread them across the earth,
without displaying any sign of preoccupation
about the way they are received.
Teach me your ways.
How you find your medicine
even though you cannot move like the animals can.
Teach me about your strength of standing tall
and how, as you are growing,
you are rooting deeper in the earth,
where you are connected to swarming life.
Teach me your ways.
How you breathe in pollution
and how you, through magical processing,
enrich the air for all of us with clean oxygen.
Tell me about the coziness of birds
nesting in your branches
and squirrels dancing around your trunk.
You know them in such an intimate way.
Oh teach me all of this.

Joos, December 3, 2011


To my self

You are my feminine core,
you are the intuition that guides me
and keeps me balanced.
Help me to trust my instincts
instead of listening to the words of others
to the extent of losing the contact with myself,
with my deepest being.
Because the mystery lives in my sensuality,
in playfulness,
in ever trusting the deep dark rivers of my consciousness.
Help me to find the profoundness of my being,
instead of me wanting to fly higher all the time.
Help me to relax in the turmoil of the world
and in the uproar of the search outside myself.
I love you
and want to be with you
all the time.

Joos, October 22, 2011


I am the bridge

My soul sees me crossing,
stumbling sometimes,
struggling with my feelings,
openly expressing,
finding relief,
overcoming like a distant cloud
evaporating in the wind.
I know this is precisely where I need to be,
even though the path seems narrow and steep,
the child sometimes sad,
adult love grows.
We are facets of a diamond,
ever glowing,
from a different point of view.

Joos, October 10, 2011


Is there something I need to write?

Total acceptance of who you are will bring you peace and joy and everlasting happiness.
This is not just for you but also for anyone who reads this and it may be copied a million times.
Do not try to own the rights to these words because you are just the postman who delivers the message.
Total acceptance of who you are and of all that Is will bring the earth to a new state of evolution.
Total acceptance of who you are has been occupying your mind these days.
Just forget now and allow the beauty of this to resonate in your being.
Often we have tried to accept the world and all that happens to us and we forgot to accept all that lives inside ourselves.
Through this we ran the risk of throwing away the child with the bathwater.
For it is the feeling inside ourselves that needs to be cherished and to be brought to life.
Our Spirit will awaken then and guide our way.
So, please let this misunderstanding be corrected by first being aware and accepting of all that lives inside ourselves.
We have dulled our Spirit by bypassing our feelings.

Joos, September 29, 2011 



I want you to awaken in me, my indwelling higher highest,
so that I can serve the world from even deeper places.

Be gentle now my dear, just your being is enough to enlighten your surroundings.
Just your natural being.
Total acceptance of how you are will bring light to others.

How can I write from here?

Totally accept yourself in your suffering and in your grace.
This will help you to find the way.
This is the most difficult to understand for many people and the most easy and graceful solution,
because this is the way to be one with your true self.

This is a gradual process and will remain so for the time being.
Your own process and the path of others are part of the same tapestry.

Joos, September 18, 2011


Tender miracles

I feel my pelvis moving,
my feet gently touching the floor.
my hands touching the keys of my notebook,
letters arriving on the screen.
Thoughts arranging themselves while I breathe the air,
my heart moving in and out as if it is storming inside.
What else is there but everlasting miracles?
In wonder I give thanks for this journey of quietly entering the Mystery of what Is.

Joos, September 11, 2011


Beloved child of mother Earth

Beloved child of mother Earth,
behold your voice cause you are creative being in all eternity.
Be ever present in your voice because you have something to say that is new to the earth.
Trembling, quaking, moving, the earth will find a new balance in which all of us can take part.
It is the heart talking.
If you listen securely you will find a way that is filled with grace and ease.

Listen to your heart my dear.
If you don’t you will feel as if you have lost the road.
When you feel burdened, or sad, or angry, this is often a sign that you need to find a quiet place within,
a place where you are alone with your Beloved.
A sacred space where you can feel your oneness with the universe.
A place that nurtures you without doing anything except letting go of any interference and your burdens.
By just allowing peace to enter your heart you recharge the batteries of the life force that is within you.
You know so well that this is the road towards ease and grace.

Just be still my dear and listen to the voice of your heart.
Let the sounds of the world be replaced by the smell of the earth,
the breath of the wind.
It may not be as spectacular as you might have expected,
but step by step your are coming nearer to Me who lives in the heart and in the heart of All.
Slowly you build the stamina of resisting the temptation to be thrown out of this
and to burden yourself with the excesses of the world.

There is a huge difference between the earth and the world,
however great the accomplishments you may find in the latter.
Let go of any ties you have to this
and you will start letting go of the story you mantle around the beauty of the earth.

Be gentle now my dear and listen to what I have to say.
Everlasting presence is who you are.
Your life on earth is a training to remember this and to know who you are
while at the same time accomplishing the tasks you came here on earth to do.
This bifold is the way to bridge the here and the now.
Here is the space and now is the time that moves through space.
Now and now and now builds the space to experience who we are.
It is Shiva and Shakti uniting.
Consciousness is the bridge for unifying energy.
With our consciousness we keep the ever expanding space together in a homogenous whole.
Homo genius.
All of us are adding to this in a reciprocal exchange of energy.

Joos, August 26, 2011



Beloved, it feels so good to dedicate my life to you.
And to know that this fulfills my wildest dreams in ever greater ways.
Impermanence grows into permanent love that has always been here and always will be.
Guide me hand in hand, with you I want to walk.
The beauty is that there is no flipside to this
except when I forget to open my eyes, my heart, my soul,
for you are with me.
I cannot say I have yearned for you, isn’t that strange?
Because I did not know what I missed.
Even though it seemed to be, I was yearning for the wrong things.
Let me write about this,
paint from here,
dance and laugh,
make me smile in ever greater ways.
I thought life needed to change before I could be happy.
All that is needed is to remember You.
Fill the pores of my skin,
baptize the waters in my body.
Bless the beings who are near and far.
In all eternity this Is.

Joos, August 6, 2011


I love the beauty of the adult inside myself

You bring peace when there is unrest.
You bring harmony when the child is upset.
Your intent works immediately in the way magic moves.
You make me sense what is right for me.
You are aligned with Spirit, and bring her nearer with every step that I take.
You bring the unripe to maturity and remember oneness to all parts of me that have wandered of.
You are the smile on my face, the mysterious love in my heart.
I love you and wouldn’t know how to live without the protection of your wings.
I know you are with me, even in the toughest of times.
May the breath of your harmony fill the wide open spaces of my soul.
I bow to you and know that the smallest is the most precious and the vulnerable the most intimate.



Stop thinking and feel the peace in your heart.
Peace is always here.
Trust that.