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My curiosity about the human spirit has led me to explore life in different ways.
First I am a mother, a grandmother, and have been married since I was 22 years of age.
I have worked as a psychotherapist in the village where I live.
I wanted to work in a place where I could make a link between people who visited the doctor and my own spiritual life.
This has helped me to ground, and to find a language that could be understood by many people.
During my work I was impressed by the importance of being centered in the body, both for the client and for me as a therapist.
At the end of 2000, I started writing. 
When I was studying A Course of Miracles, I wondered why the words ‘I am not my body, I am free’, troubled me.
I wanted to find out what my truth is about the relationship between body and Spirit.
This exploration resulted in two books: Wholeness and Wholeness complete.
At that time I thought I had finished writing, but my spirit moved me to write another book: Playing with the Life Force.
In this book I explore the relationship between the Tzolkin sun glyphs and 26 energy points in the body, as they are described by the ancient Japanese art Jin Shin Jyutsu®.
After my career as a psychotherapist I joined Lynn Andrews Mystery School and four years later I was ordained as a minister and a shaman.
In January 2015 I graduated as a Color of Woman teacher.
Painting according to Shiloh McCloud's 13 step method has helped me to deeper embody the feminine energy that I am.
I love to teach others how to paint according to this method and I like to encourage the ones who are painting to express themselves.
I made an online video painting course to demonstrate the method.

Meanwhile (2019) my inner compass points towards a freer style of painting, with more space and fluidity to express deep layers of myself.
When I am open to receive, a magical process takes place that is strongly connected to my intuition, a higher knowing.

In order to learn to paint this way I followed a "Facilitator training in the Art of Allowing" with Flora Aube, who has found her own approach in this.
The feminine remains my beloved subject, both in my life and when I am painting.

I notice how important it is to express ourselves through making art.
We get to know a place beyond words and beyond our thoughts, where deep treasures can be found that otherwise might have remained hidden.

I enjoy passimg on to others The Art of Allowing painting process, facilitating the expression of the creative flow in ourselves in color and form.
This has to do with learning to trust what Love can do, both when we make art and in our daily lives.


In one of my books I write:
May my search for Light be life-enhancing.
This is still true.



From the diary


Two perls

We are two perls, living at the bottom of the ocean

I cry for the good we used to live
I cry for the good we used to live
The then lived feels sweet now, my soul delighted

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