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is a body-oriented interpretation of A Course in Miracles.
A central question in Wholeness is: "How can we embody our wholeness?"
In 123 ideas and applications the connection is being sought between the world of duality and the wholeness of who we are in the depth of our beings.
The book also describes the author's personal process in this quest.
The reader is invited to join her.

We can experience the reality that each of us is an expression of the creative Force, when we are able to perceive the subtle energies moving in and around our bodies. The spiritual is often sought on the mental plane, whereas, in truth, it is an energetic experience. By sensing our bodies and releasing ourselves from our judgments, feelings of guilt, and fears, we can live more fulfilling and spontaneous lives.

Wholeness can be ordered at
ISBN: 9789076958880
The illustrations are by Carol Grigg, an American painter. 

The ideas in Wholeness have been printed on 123 ideacards.
The cards can be ordered by sending an email with name and address to
The cards will be sent to you after making a payment of €25,00 to Joos's bank account.
All proceeds of Wholeness will be donated to SOS Children's Villages.

Example of a page from the book:

A precious friend considers my book not suitable.
Not suitable for him.
I am thrown off my balance.
Can no longer hear that he is talking about himself.
At the same time I feel that the contents of my book remain intact
inside myself.
So does the bond with the precious friend.
We are only involved in border fights.
This is the way in which the differences between the religions have
come into being.
This is the way in which wars have started.
I return to a quiet presence inside myself.
And want to learn to stop defending where there is no need to
A quiet inside that remains unattacked.
An inside that listens to both the friend and to me.

On the page "123 ideas" you can apply the ideas in Wholeness to a question regarding your life.