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Joos's journal


In the silence

I cherish my true self in the silence of my being



Peace on earth

Peace on earth




I wish each of you a sparkling New Year



She lives

Without words



She who holds the vision of healing

It was exciting to make this painting.
The bird that all of a sudden appeared in front of her face…and all the time she had more dots…
I wanted to paint as free as I could and finished precise as always.
Her name changed at times and was clear to me at the end.



Finally I understand on a deeper level that the destination of our lives is not to be found in a point in the future, but in our lives now.
Our soul wants to experience what it's like to live on Earth.
That is why it is essential to learn to listen to our inner selves, to feel what we want to do.
By this attitude of listening it is easier to notice that we are surrounded by the beauty of creation and that everything is enfolded and permeated by silence.
We then also notice how free we are to try something new, to make mistakes and retrace our steps, to change course.
As we recover the harmony within ourselves, we find more joy as a result, because our inner self is happy that we don’t leave her behind.
There is still much to discover, but again, the goal is not about the end point of our search but about the journey itself.



Last idea

Yesterday I let the last idea from my book Wholeness complete enter me.
In this book that is so dear to me I have come to the conclusion that we create with our will and that it is so important to be conscious of the thoughts we choose to cherish.
Apparently I need to remind myself of this, again and again.
Sometimes life throws me out of balance and then I search for the right action to recover.
Often this has to do with letting myself be heard.
Initially my inner voice is only audible because there is chaos in my head and sadness in my body.
By examining what is needed to improve the condition I feel contact with myself and with my environment again.
I know I have taken the right action when my inner self is peaceful.



Back home

The exposition has ended, the paintings are back in my home.
I notice that painting is a process of ever deeper listening to my inner self and sensing her.
My inner self is delighted.




Sometimes I don't know why I feel disturbed.
It then seems that my circumstances are the cause of this, but often there is a deeper intuition that wants to be revealed.
This applies both to my process of painting and to my life.
The unhappiness feels like being submerged in a swamp, without being able to see how I can release the sentiment of being stuck.
My inner inquiry on what wants to happen often brings light.
When I listen deeply and act upon it, the problems dissolve and the sun breaks through.
Life then proceeds in an innovative way.




When we are truly becoming a conduit for the invisible it sometimes takes a while longer before we understand what wants to be expressed.
At first we feel this through the physical tension that has to do with obstructing the flow and also through turmoil in our minds.
In my life the change that is needed has to do with the necessity to liberate myself from being confined.
Here we see a fragment from my latest painting.
I want to keep the complete image for myself a bit longer, because I am only slowly beginning to understand the messages.
She will be shown from Sunday July 30 up to and including Sunday September 3 at an exhibition of my work in Villa de Kleine Heide in Son en Breugel, in the Netherlands.
The exposition will be open to the public on Sundays from 3pm to 5pm.
I am looking forward to this.