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                                                         Be my love  

This is a watercolor “doodle” I made in a watercolor book I received in Paris during a trip with Shiloh McCloud.
The book was meant for short notes, to be adorned by colors.
The text I wrote on the page next to the painting was:
Do not take anything personal, my love, so that you will not be burdened by the failures of others.
I heard the name of the painting through my inner ears.


                                                         Soul sisters

This is an acrylic painting I made on watercolor paper while I was in Spain.
It was inspired by a video from Shiloh MacCloud.
One of the two persons represents me, one is a good friend, and one is a person with whom I have a problematic relationship.
This third person is held in between the two, and hidden by layers of paint.
The intention of the painting is to resolve and transform the problematic relationship by holding the third person in love.




I made this watercolor painting at a time when I was reading a book by Clarissa Pinkola Estes about the Great Mother who holds all of us in sweet embrace.
I felt free while painting and did not expect for the work to result in anything that I would want to frame.
Until her face appeared in the midst of the colors.
I framed her and she has been a source of inspiration for me while hanging on the wall above my desk. 



                                                                                  Sacred pipe

I made this painting during the fourth year of Lynn Andrews Mysteryschool.
We learned to work with the sacred pipe then.
The top of the lady's head seems to be at one with the clouds.



During the third year of Lynn Andrews Mystery School we were asked to make many spontaneous paintings.
The flame painting arose as an association with the word “Flame”.



                                                                               East meets West

During the training with Lynn Andrews we worked a lot with the Medicine Wheel.
The East of the wheel represents our mental side, and the West of the wheel is our emotional side.
It is important to find a balance between those two sides of ourselves.
I like the colorful freedom of the painting and it has a special place in our home in Spain.




This is one of my earlier attempts at making watercolor paintings.
I made it in Spain.





This watercolor painting was made during Lynn Andrews Mystery school and is a spontaneous association with the word “Mother”.



                                                                                     Standing tall

This painting was made when I was just experimenting with forms and colors.
Carol Grigg, the artist who made the illustrations for my books Wholeness and Wholeness complete, was my inspiration for this way of painting and for my playing with watercolors.



                                                                            Here she stands

This painting was also made when I had just begun experimenting with form and colors.



                                                                                                 Ocean, sky, land, birds

I made this painting in my house in Spain.
I love the ocean and the grass dunes and the birds and the sky.




I enjoyed painting this feminine body with a rainbow background.
She represents joy and power.
At that time I listened often to the song Suzanne by Leonard Cohen and felt greatly inspired by it.




For me feminine energy is a lot about receiving.
This painting represents this feeling, with the mountains in the background and the reflection in the lake.




I love to paint mountains that look like feminine bodies, or bodies that look like mountains.
The softness of the curves gives me a feminine feeling.




Aum is the primordial sound.
Has the feminine arisen first?




Life is a lot about releasing those things that no longer serve us.



                                                        May we be filled with peace

Sometimes I call this painting “He and Her”.
It shows harmony between Him and Her, even though they are so different.












                                                                                                               Feminine earth

I love to paint the femininity of the earth.
The woman is resting and blending with her surroundings.



                                                             Bright cloud woman

I made this painting in Spain, while I was overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

                                                                          Blue heron

I made this painting  when I was in Spain, painting birds.
It is a small painting,