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Painting with Adriana

Joos made a video series in which she demonstrates the 13 step painting method of Shiloh McCloud.
The theme of the series is: Embracing the Sacred Feminine.
Even inexperienced painters can express some of their essence through this magical method.
When you participate you can show pictures of your Work in Progress and ask questions in the closed Facebook group ”Painting with Adriana”.
The price of the video series is US $50,-.

Materials for painting

A big canvas, size 32 x 48 inches, an easel, brushes in several sizes.
I love cat tongue brushes, don’t know why, but you may choose whatever you like.
Golden Open brand Acrylic paint. This type of paint doesn’t dry as fast as other brands, which makes painting easier.
I used the following colors for the demonstration painting and of course you can choose any colors you like:
Titanium White, Titan buff, Hansa Yellow Medium, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Transparent Red Iron Oxide, Cadmium Red Medium, Quinicridone Magenta, Burnt Umber, Viridian Green Hue, Ceruleum Blue, Light Ultramaine Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Manganese Blue Hue, Dioxyne Purple, Hologram Pearl glitter.
A spray bottle for water.
Acrylic varnish spray.
Paper towel.
A medium for diluting the paint, and a few jars with water.
A palette.
A notebook/sketchpad and an artist pen. My favorite pen for sketching is a sepia colored Artist pen of the brand Faber Castell, with a broad brushlike tip.