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Playing with the Life Force

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3. Akbal, blue Night

At the upper/inside of the shoulder blades is energy point 3, Akbal, blue Night.
We can feel at that place the importance of living our uniqueness, our incarnation.
How lost can we feel when this energy is blocked and when we do not confide our inner voice!

We lose the contact with our being, with our uniqueness, when we are too occupied with other people, when we try too hard to achieve and are worried about the results.
We then separate ourselves from our essence.
Our shoulders start to hurt.
Because of life’s circumstances we have formed a habit of tightening and contracting our shoulders .
Thus we suppress the gracious expression of the unique person that we are.
By reminding ourselves regularly of that fact, our shoulders may naturally broaden to encourage the expression of our uniqueness.
Opening energy lock 3 helps to let go of tension and to allow the admission of the pure energy of our essence.

This energy point is disharmonious when we give more importance to others’ reactions than to the relationship with the Self.
We then lose the relationship with the Self.
And, with it, the relationship with the other person.
We can strengthen our immunity to the reaction of others through this energy point.

Movement 3… being in harmony with the deep integrity of the Self

I direct my attention upwards, along my back, searching for the next energy point. The stream of energy follows my awareness.
I enter into feelings of duality.
Before anything else I notice a type of ordering: Time reports itself; first this, then that.
And comparing: higher and lower. Good and evil.
I also feel despair, dissatisfaction.
I am aware that I will be able to live well in duality by recognizing my own smallness in the vault of Heaven.
This helps me to maintain my feeling of unity while living in these opposing forces.

The energy continues its flow behind the contradictory feelings, to the zone under the top of my shoulders.
I place my fingertips on my heart and imagine that the light feelings emanating from around my heart flow airily to my shoulder blades.
It is good the way it is.

Practise 3

Lay down again.
Search with your right hand, along the front of your body, over your left shoulder, for your left shoulder blade.
We are looking for the area which is in between the top of your shoulder blade and the spine.
Touch this zone with the fingers of your right hand. Possibly you feel a softness there, or a subtle flow.

Place your left hand on the spot we located earlier, at the top of your left hipbone. Imagine you can connect both energy points.
Maybe you experience some movement somewhere in your body.

After doing this, connect to the other side: Place your left hand on the zone left of the top of your right shoulder blade and your right hand on the top of the right hipbone. Sense your body.
If you are not flexible enough to touch the top of your shoulder blade in a relaxed manner, you may do as I did: Direct your attention towards the energy points. By paying attention we can also direct the energy flow.
You could ask yourself how you could bridge the opposing forces of duality.

Wait for an answer.