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In this powerful time it is extra important to have clarity about what we want to create in our lives, so that we do not drown in the big waves of energy around us.
Words like balance, peace and harmony are very well suited to send as an intention to our hearts.
Maybe you have your own idea on how you want to take a stand in your life.
Send this message to yourself and to the universe.
I feel that it helps when I remind myself of my original intention.



Energy is for me the tingling of the cells in my body,
it is the birds flying by,
the breakers of the ocean endlessly arriving and withdrawing at the shore.
It is the wind blowing,
the branches of the bushes gently moving,
the rock standing still in its majestic way.
Clouds forming and dissolving,
the rays of the sun warming my body,
the damp mist at the horizon.
It is me moving gently against the cushions on the couch,
my hand holding a pen,
moving, writing.
Pale blue of the skies,
grey clouds,
the white of the tempestuous breakers.
My feet touching the ground,
my husband sitting near me,
the peace I feel in my heart,
a plane leaving a white line high in the sky.
Energy is All that Is, moving, changing,
it is me being conscious of this.
It is you, reading,
responding in your body, in your mind,
to the words you read.
It is the fishes swimming in the ocean,
the fluid waters surrounding them.

February 18, 2013


The ‘Face of the earth’ altar

Today, July 22nd, the birthday of Mary Magdalene, I would like to teach you about an instrument we use in the ‘Mystery School’.
It helps us to learn to keep our balance, whatever happens.
In the center is the essence of the shaman.
In our core all of us are shamans, capable of influencing our own condition.
In the bottom triangle we place whatever occupies our mind at this moment.
The left side of the altar is the negative part.
The thoughts and patterns that have a harmful influence on our life force are often stronger than the positive ones.
Once we are aware of the nature of our negative focus we can let go of it, give it away.
The top side of the altar represents the inspiration by higher forces in the universe.
We can open ourselves for this influence.
The segment on the right is the side of life.
The life side is always positive.
Here we are capable of counterbalancing the death side.
You can place a positive intention on this side.
In the middle of the altar is the perfect balance between masculine and feminine, between life and death, between positive and negative, between sacred and earthly.
Our center is there, with a wealth of possibilities.

A short example: Suppose that you are worrying about something that is outside your sphere of influence.
Or that you are afraid for something that might happen in the future.
Any problem will do.
In the bottom triangle you place the difficulty you want to work with.
On the left side of the altar you search for a way to let go of the worry, the fear, or whatever obstacle you have just discovered.
In the upper triangle you feel the inspiration from the universe.
And on the right side you feel how life is when you have left behind the negative focus of your attention.
Feel if you are more balanced now. 



The great advantage of setting an intent is that we begin to gather our energy in a certain direction.
We focus, instead of being overwhelmed by the many possibilities there are.
When our own thoughts distract us from our goal we only need to remind ourselves of our intention, in order to find our own track again. This will give us composure and trust in whichever circumstances of life.
When the intent is in accordance with a peaceful heart we start walking a path of heart.



Until this era the Mayans have accompanied us with their dreams.
Their calendar ends in 2012. This does not mean that the earth will perish.
It signifies that we are being prepared for setting sail on our own, with the freedom of making our creations from the pure energy that’s here at every moment.
The old patterns are crumbling down, they hardly can be used anymore.
On the other hand, the feeling in our heart can show us the way. Our sense of direction is to be found in ourselves.
By opening for our heartfelt feelings we notice that we are drawn towards one thing and want to refrain from taking action with regard to something else.
By making an intention we can learn to focus.  Through this act we decide on a direction.
By determining a direction we make a new base for ourselves, a new foundation.
Life will not throw us around anymore, we start giving a direction to our own fate.
For example, when we find a situation very difficult, we can set the intent that we are capable of handling the circumstances.
This, in itself, will give us the power and the trust for handling the situation. The universal force will follow our thoughts.
Once we have decided on a new direction it is important to persevere, and to make choices that coincide with the new path, in order to stabilize our newly found freedom. If not, the old patterns might block the entrance to our creation.
I notice that the masculine pattern of achieving ever more is not working so well any more.
This accentuates the importance of cherishing the feminine power, the receptivity in ourselves, the yin force.
Cherishing the feminine power can also be an intent.


Winter solstice

The winter solstice will occur on December 21st. On that day there will also be a total lunar eclipse.
According to NASA it is 456 years ago for a lunar eclipse to coincide with the winter solstice.
In Europe the eclipse will begin just before sunrise and possibly we will not be able to see much of it.
Yet it is important, especially early in the morning on Tuesday, to open ourselves for a very good energy, because the eclipse is a gateway, a portal, towards higher aspects of ourselves.


The truth of our heart

We can learn to stay longer and longer in the truth of our heart and become aware of the moments when we push ourselves out of that place of beauty and grace.
The obstacles in our life teach us to listen to the truth of our authentic selves.
Once we recognize the hidden lessons in the obstructions in life we clear the way for opening towards deeper parts of ourselves, towards the love that we are.
Our life force will blossom once we do not only discern the difference between the mud and the flower, but also accept the truth that we are both.


The first rays of a new dawn

According to the Maya’s the break of dawn of the seventh galactic day will be on November 3, 2010.
The sixth galactic night started on November 7, 2009.
Trusting the silent wisdom inside ourselves we can walk together in the first rays of the new dawn. 


Missing pieces of our heart

During our lives we have given away pieces of our hearts.
We can re-own them.
When we feel out of balance through one of life’s many circumstances we can ask ourselves which quality of our heart is missing in order for us to approach this situation with more equanimity.
By remembering this characteristic it will be given back to us.
Higher Forces are helping us in this process of recollecting the wholeness of our heart.



We can feel the frequency of love by focusing our attention on the heartchacra.
From today, 10-10-10, it will be easier to sense this energy of love.


The earth

We can feel that we are supported by the earth with every step we take.
The earth is a living organism.
She carries us.



Time after time we may let go and become aware of what Is Now.
Once we are aware of our presence in the Now we can ask ourselves which qualities we aspire to fulfill in life.
By resonating with these desired characteristics through intent we become master of our life.



The word ‘power’ is often used in situations when actually there is an abuse of power.
This is the opposite of freedom, because we then want to exert power over others.
That is why I sometimes lose sight of the importance of power when searching for my true will.
Power, freedom, true will and integrity are characteristics of the vehicle that will free us from feelings of victimhood.
Power is to be found in the center of our bodies, in the center of our being.
It is a door to the unknown, a route for finding the freedom of the true self.
Often we find old fears at the entrance, as guardians of the gate.
By asking ourselves on a regular basis what is truly important for ourselves we can near our true sense of power.
By reminding ourselves of this intention during the day, the forces of the universe will join in by helping us in realizing our will.


Summer solstice and the sound Om

We can already feel in these days before the solstice on the 21th of June 2010  that a lot of high energy is being generated, and that our bodies have a hard time adjusting to the wave of energy.
Taking into account that it is difficult for our bodies to accommodate will make it easier for us to soften our extreme reactions towards our environment.
Letting go of negative feelings will help us in turn to ride the wave instead of being bowled over by its force.
By tuning in to the sound Om we can synchronize our life in duality with the wave that brings us a feeling of unity.


Love and suffering are part of life

Sometimes we think that everything has to be good before we can feel good.
Until we can accept that love and suffering are part of life.


Rainbow bridge

On the 20th of March, the day of the equinox, we can meditate and visualize a rainbow bridge around the earth, for the protection of the earth. Many people around the world will do this.





We can live in a more conscious way by taking our attention and our breath to our hearts, every time we notice that we are judging.
This is a discipline that may help us to live more from our hearts, where silence reigns.
In this place we can discern which choices are in alignment with our soul’s purpose and which aren't.
By tuning in to what we sense in our hearts we learn to be true to ourselves.



Once in a while it is good for us to take time for ourselves and turn inside, in order to know what would bring fulfilment to our lives. Fulfilment has to do with our essence, with the little voice we hear once in a while and often disregard.
It’s about finding what would truly give us pleasure from a deeper layer of our being.
Deep in ourselves we know what we actually would want if the obstacles were not there.
We use the obstacles as a reason to procrastinate.
How would it be for you to set aside the obstacles for a moment and to describe what your intentions are for your life?
Explore how your life would be arranged if you truly followed your passion.
Write it down, describe it.
We often think that we cannot make space for our own longings, because of our environment.
Often it is not a matter of having to choose between our environment and ourselves and is there a possibility for the expression of our passion within life in the way it is NOW.
NOW is the time to be conscious of this. 



Experiences are transitory, who we are Is. 


Embracing the changes

Sometimes we have a vague feeling that something needs to be changed in our lives.
At such times we cannot find the solution in meditation, or in doing bodywork, or in being aware.
We know when we have found a path that is more in alignment with our deeper selves when the change we have in mind brings back into our lives the relief of feeling creative.
By taking the road less traveled we can learn to enjoy and to embrace the insecurity of not knowing what will happen next.




We have a physical body that is permeated and surrounded by subtle energy.
By being aware of the energy in and around our bodies, the energy become more vibrant, more alive.
We feel more in touch, more united with the energy we Are.
The energy body is an important instrument, not only to experience ourselves, but also to get to know ourselves as part of nature.



Portal day

The 11th of November 2009 will be a portal day, an opening towards who we truly are.
In the mean time our bodies and minds undergo a cleansing process. What can we do?
It is important to: - find a silent place inside - ground - return to our center often - live without resistance in order not to create new obstacles - follow our intuition, our instincts - find a balance between the inner directed feminine receptivity and the outer directed masculine drive, in order to integrate both sides within ourselves - return to the steadfastness of the heart and leave self pity behind.



We are free to decide what our intentions are.
It is important to remind ourselves of this freedom once in a while, because we tend to forget and then our thoughts carry us away from the way we would like to be.
You might take some time for yourself today and ask what you wish for yourself.
At this moment my intention is peace.


Lunar eclipse

The lunar eclipse of July opened a portal towards the masculine energy, to the fiery power of our hearts and of the solar plexus.
The solar eclipse of the 22nd of July opened a portal to the feminine energy, to Love. A purification process of our bodies is taking place, especially in our hearts and in the solar plexus, in the center of our bodies.
There will be another lunar eclipse on the 6th of August. This will be a portal to our future, to our true state of harmonic resonance. Balancing the feminine and the masculine may help us to pass through this portal.
When we feel entangled in worldly affairs we can set ourselves free by returning to the steadfastness of our heart.
Touching the energy points 13 or 22 may help us in this process.



- Serve by being in your inner-heart and not by feeling sorry for another in their mess...     ...It is of greater service, if one truly loves the other, to remain in one's own place of steadfastness, for that can at least reflect a point that reveals love if not pulls the other to come back – Quote by Serge Benhayon

I feel the truth of his message. The words "steadfastness of the inner heart" resonate in me.


Moving with the wind of change

We are living in a time of transition. This could give rise to old feelings of insecurity and despair. When we cling to our thoughts about how life should be we latch onto an illusion. By letting go of our thoughts, time and again, we can learn to move with the changes. We then let go of fear also. Inhaling in energy point 22, Ik, White Wind, just below our collar bones, can help us to recover our trust in life, and our capacity to solve problems.
By being aware of our bodies we can perceive the influence of the ethereal spheres.


Presence, dignity

Energy point 23 is connected with the kidneys, with water, fluidity. Akbal, Blue Night, presence.


Embracing the yang

Just below the cheekbones is energy point 1, Imix, Red Dragon. The quality of this point differs from the face Imix shows in point 1 at the inside of the knees. Here Imix has to do with the void, the space in which thoughts arise. It’s the breaking down that happens before something new can take form; the silence before sounds are heard; the darkness that makes the stars visible. Three yang meridians cross this point. Imix embraces. Energy point 21 is connected to the nasal cavity. This place can be obstructed because of old emotions. We can reopen this zone by reminding ourselves of the power of renewal that permeates and enfolds everything. 


Instinct, life force

Energy point 25 Chicchan, red Serpent, is located at the lowest part of the hipbone. We pull in the coccyx when we are afraid to be punished. This is a very old pattern; on the physical plane it separates us from our base. Mentally we do not feel at ease, we do not feel that we are welcome on earth. Opening this energy point can help us release this zone, in order for the tail bone to move more freely. We can imagine that from this lowest point of the spinal column a tube enters the earth. From there, the good energy of the earth can rise and enter this part of our body in order to ascend further, in spiralling movements inside and around our spinal cord. Chicchan connects us to our instincts. It is in this part of our body where we can feel that we are part of nature, just like the birds, the fishes, the four-footers, the movement of the stars, of the sun, of the moon, of the ocean, of the earth. When we have the feeling of being in a hurry, this means that we have withdrawn from our reptile brain, Red Serpent, the most primitive part of our nervous system.

Red Dragon, source of power

Energy point 1, Imix, red Dragon is a powerful energy point. We hold a lot of tension at this place at the inside of the knee, while also we can connect here to a great source of power. The energy point raises associations with the fact that we have been created and at the same time we are creative beings ourselves. Like mothers who have daughters who become mothers themselves. And the seed has come forth from a tree and evolves into a tree that happens to have seeds. In this energy point we can remind ourselves of our affinity with the Creator.


White wind, subtle energy

Energy point 2, Ik, white Wind, can be found on the upper part of the hip bone, on both sides of the spinal column. Many people have pain in their backs because they have locked the position of the hips either by inclining the hipbone towards the front or backwards. A freer and more flexible posture can be found in the middle of the two extremes, that is to say, in the central position. When we take our attention, our breath, to energy point 2, we can feel a soft movement at this place. On the mental plane we may feel more intimacy with ourselves. It is a subtle, ethereal energy point: white Wind.

Gracious expression

Energy point 3, Akbal, Blue Night,  is located in between the top of the shoulder blade and the spinal column. We lose the contact with our being when we are too occupied with other people, when we try too hard to achieve and are worried about the results. We then separate ourselves from our essence. Our shoulders start to hurt. Because of life’s circumstances we have formed a habit of tightening and contracting our shoulders. Thus we suppress the gracious expression of the unique person that we are. By reminding ourselves regularly of that fact, our shoulders may naturally broaden to encourage the expression of our uniqueness. Opening energy lock 3 helps to let go of tension and to allow the admission of the pure energy of our essence.



Energy point 4, Kan, Yellow Seed is to be found on the brim of the skull, to the left and to the right of the spinal column. We tend to contract our neck muscles at this place when we feel criticized or frightened. By doing this we freeze our liveliness, our life. It is most likely that we have done this many times. By imagining that by nature we are as upright as a tree that brings her roots deep into the earth and that with her branches stretches towards the light, we can recover the natural flow of the spine and the agility of the space between the skull and the neck.
The remembrance of a freer expression of our lives is present in our bodies. Opening the energy lock 4 can contribute to this. In the seed is the blueprint of the complete form. 


Confiding the Self

Often we worry without a reason. Sometimes when we have a lot of self confidence, or when we have reached an important goal, there is a part of our mind that starts to disturb our good feelings by making us feel anxious. This is based on a pattern from our childhood. We can learn to recognize the pattern and realize that it is better to let go of the negative thoughts. Opening energy point 9, Muluc. Red Moon, is like thawing the flow of energy towards our hearts. By doing this we expand our capacity to enjoy self confidence and to make contact with reality, trusting deeper layers of ourselves. Energy point 9 is located in between the lowest part of the shoulder blade and the spinal column. 



Our capacity to enter relationships from a state of independency may improve by making contact with energy point 15, Men, Blue Eagle, in the groin. At this place, we can feel the pleasure of making contact with our bodies at this moment, wherever we are. This experience may help us to perceive our environment from a freer position, similar to the way of an eagle.


True to ourselves

To be a spiritual being does not mean that we accept everything. Occasionally we need a lot of courage to stand up for who we are. These days it is important that we find the strength to be true to our authentic selves.


Living from the heart

Energy point 26, Cimi, White Worldbridger, has to do with allowing. It stands for our capacity to bridge opposites and to let go of our attitude of resistance.
Imagine that the zone between both energy points underneath the arm pits is filled with peace. You also can feel your breathing in the heart region. You may return to this feeling many times.

For the energy to descend, touch energy point 26 on the right side of the body with the left hand while, with the right hand,  touching on the inside of the left thigh, at four inches above energy point 1. Repeat with the right hand on energy point 26 on the left side of the body while touching with the left hand the inside of the thigh, at four inches above energy point 1. Feel the energy flow in the perineum, in the first chakra.



Once we are conscious of our thoughts, we may notice how often we judge a situation, ourselves, or someone else. The judgment may be negative, or, on the contrary, positive.  Still, both sides of the judgment may be an infringement on what’s taking shape in deeper layers of being. By letting go of our critical thinking, we learn to be open for what Is. Energy point 20 and sun glyph Ahau, Yellow Sun, have to do with this theme. 



The eighth Mayan sun glyph is Lamat, yellow Star. This Mayan sun glyph corresponds to harmony and resonance, with elevated and profound states of being. With our thoughts, we create our future, so it is important to find ways to change our thinking. In order to feel harmony, we can reconcile opposites. When we have the feeling that something is difficult we can say to ourselves: 'Although this is difficult, it will be solved. Or: I can feel grace, even though I do not like what I see. I am peaceful, although the world is full of conflicts.'

We may use our own creativity to neutralize the obstacles in life by searching for the opposite pole. Touching and sensing the eighth energy point, on the outer side of the knee, may help you to feel this.


At times we are troubled by our reactions to things that happened. Actually this happens very often. This costs a lot of energy and removes us from our presence Here and Now.
We need our strength and presence to follow the path of the soul. When we were babies we were dependent from our environment. Because of this we often kept searching outside ourselves for the fulfilment of our desires. Once we start to see through this pattern we may begin to let go of it. Being aware of energy point 14, Ix, white Magician can help us. If we want to live our own strength and at the same time be open for whatever presents itself in our lives the intention we could express while touching the energy point 14 could be: I am present for what is happening now in the integrity of my authentic self.


Ours hearts are organs with Yin and Yang caracteristics. Because of the Yin aspect the heart is a place to feel peace. When we choose to be peaceful instead of being troubled by our preoccupations, energy point 13, Ben, red Skywalker is a good place to make this intention known. Here we can forgive, be serene, without giving up our own point of view, our opinion. Yin and Yang will start to harmonize.



When we want to align our personalities with a more universal consciousness we can open the energy lock 12, Eb, yellow Human. On the psychic plane we can stimulate this by focussing on what we are grateful for instead of concentrating on what’s lacking. When we want our egos to stop dominating us, we may engage in writing down the things that we are thankful for. Every day we may add to this list. This helps us to yield to the flow of life, to be present for what’s actually there.



When we feel sad without knowing why, irritated without a reason, too serious, we may remember our innocence, our playfulness, our sense our humour, by opening the energy point 11, Chuen, blue Monkey. Opening the energy lock can help us to let go of the excessive weight we carry on our shoulders. Intending to do so intensifies the result of this.

Energy points 9 and 10

The energy points are like keys for locks on doors that lead to deeper layers of our being. Every door will open towards a different kind of energy. We strengthen this energy by being conscious of it’s nature.
When we imagine that we can trust deeper layers of our selves, we help with the opening of energy point 9, Muluc, red Moon. We may make an intention of this thought.
In energy point 10, Oc, white Dog, we open towards the maturity of adult love. In the wisdom of the heart we can learn to solve the problems we encounter in a mature manner. On touching this point we can visualize this.



If we want to transform our fear into the courage of Love, the best place in our bodies to sense this intention is in energy point 13, Ben, red Skywalker.
When we would like to change our anger and irritation into the true power of Love and integrity, the best place in our bodies to find support for this aim is in energy point 14, Ix, white Magician.
If we want to let go of our feelings of guilt and of our tendency to flee, and if we would like to replace them by feelings of wellbeing and trust in our instincts, we can make this intention known in the energy points 15, Men, blue Eagle, and 25, Chicchan, red Serpent.



We loose the contact with our being, with our uniqueness, when we try too hard to reach the higher realms, or when we are too occupied with other people. We then separate ourselves from our essence.
We can feel this, because this separation makes us feel uneasy, sad. It is essential to allow ourselves to be different, unique.


Quote from Drunvalo Melchizedek’s newsletter:

…may each and every one of us find it in our Hearts to open to the streams of energy pouring in from the higher realms and be guided by those forces to choose the path that will bring us out of the darkness into the Age of Light.

I fully agree with this statement.


The silence of our heart

Now that the financial world is chaotic, we can be conscious of the importance of being centered in the silence of our hearts. This will help us to stand upright while everything around us is changing. By doing this we will emanate a stabilizing influence towards all concerned.


Our true living nature

Our true living nature is within our bodies. That’s why it is so important to feel our bodies, especially our inner heart.



It is most likely that we begin to get the feeling of moving towards our destiny when we succeed in being wholeheartedly present in what we are doing NOW.
That’s how we can learn to stop dividing ourselves in: I am doing this, but actually I would like to do something else.



Our presence, Here and Now, can reconnect us with who we ARE. We are energy. And energy is Here and Now. In our minds we occupy ourselves with what’s happening or what should happen. This reasoning resembles the clouds in a blue sky: Apparently very real, but with no substance of itself.
Every time we want something else than what’s happening NOW we give away some of our power. I know by experience the difficulty of letting go of this habit. Step by step we can decide, every time anew, that we want to surrender to the flow of life and at the same time be present.
From our early youth on we have been dependent on what’s happening in our environment. We have stored these reactions to our early upbringing in the cells of our bodies, just like waffles have the imprint of the wafer iron. That’s how we have forgotten that we ourselves are creative energies. By experiencing our bondage to our environment we can gradually intend to start living the authentic expression of who we ARE from the inside out.
By doing this we learn to peel off thick layers of fear.

Care and over-care

There is a subtle, but great, difference between care and over-care. Care, compassion, will bring us feelings of well being, alignment with our higher selves. We open our hearts.
Over-care might take us in the opposite direction, because it can lead to worry, anxiousness, anger, depression, despair, etc. We become entangled in the problems of someone else. Over-care is part of the world of duality, and has to do with the way we have learned to show our love. The responsibility we feel becomes a burden when we care too much.
Care, compassion, on the other hand, can bring us closer to a feeling of unity with who we truly ARE. At the same time it reinforces our connection with others.
In the booklet “Understanding care” from the HeartMath foundation® I read how learning to identify our over-care will start freeing us from stress: “As you cut through over-care, you’ll bring yourself back into balance and connect with your heart intelligence to express genuine care………The wonderful thing is that, once you relinquish over-care in even one area, you’ll suddenly find that it starts to unravel over-care in many other areas at the same time…..”


The Source inside ourselves

Since we were babies, we have learned to look outside ourselves for the fulfilment of our needs.
This is the biggest obstacle when we are trying to find out who we ARE.
We can find our way back to ourselves by being aware of our bodies. When we open ourselves for the sensory experience we create a bridge between body and soul. This way, feeling our bodies can serve as a channel to Spirit, and to the consciousness of ourselves.
We can always return to this experience of sensing our bodies. This possibility of being aware never leaves us. By opening our senses for what is happening NOW, we practise strengthening the bridge towards who we ARE. In this manner we create a feeling of balance, harmony, which we may apply to all sorts of situations. Thus we start finding a sense of fulfilment in ourselves and may discover that the Source never leaves us. She is like the ocean, with an unfathomable depth and ultimately imperturbable.


Aluna Joy's Newsletter

Aluna Joy describes in her April 2008 Newsletter what's happening on our earth these days. I recognize her words and want to share them:

"Since the Equinox, and the amazing energy created by the Solar Wave, the energy on the planet has once again intensified. Because all the boundaries have thinned greatly, we are feeling much MORE of EVERYTHING. We are feeling the collective fear on the planet, but also can feel the collective harmony. Feeling more and having less boundaries will make our hearts race and our breathing shallow.
A lot of old dramas are popping up around us in our personal lives, and other unresolved dramas are intensifying on a global level. We might feel like crying all the time for no apparent reason. This is yet another sign that we are waking up and becoming more aware. This new intensified energy can also be a place in our lives where we can crack open to yet another layer of awareness and shed old illusions.
The great challenge now is to not allow this energy and resurfacing dramas to trigger us into negative, ego based action . . . but to continue to hold peace and balance. We need to hold strong, and add our precious energy to the harmony . . . and not to battling the darkness. If we let go and surrender during this transition, we can shed our history and past pain easier than if we struggle against the changes.
We are not going crazy. We are just feeling the planet and the collective consciousness closer to the way the great Creator feels it all the time. Now that we feel it, we can do something about the mis-creations and bring about harmony and peace once again. If we don't know it is broken, we won't be able to fix it, right?"



I inhale peacefulness, I exhale peacefulness.


Love for ourselves
We can send a lot of love to ourselves, to our own bodies.
In the evening, before falling asleep, in the morning, when we wake up and whenever we think about it.
We can do this in a physical way, by embracing ourselves, or with kind words.
Maybe we knew this already, but it's important to actually do this.


We can decide to be dedicated to Love. Time after time.


The Ocean

The ocean, in her infinity, rolls in this direction in a continuous touching of the sand which is also her ground.
Complete silence… and then the roaring sound of swelling, breaking water, leaving broad belts of white foam like a tender encounter with the receiving land.
Shells, small sea animals and the wet band of mirroring water, laid down with a generous hand, show evidence of Mystery manifested in form, until a big wave of tumbling water takes the small miracles back into herself again.
Who is the Creator of this, too great for words? Who is the One who prepared this festive meal?
My body is too small for embracing so much joy. I would want to hold onto this picture, this feeling, but know in advance that LIFE, with a big wave, will bring something else again, after this.


The Eye of the Storm

When we are feeling restless, without a demonstrable reason for it, it is best to remain within the 'eye of the storm.' The agitated feeling has to do with increased frequencies of solar waves that reach us from our solar system.
By returning to the silence of our being, instead of acting fidgety, our 'doing' can then arise naturally from our state of being.
In this way, we can return to a balanced state.


Grid of Light

In the first weeks of July 2007 a grid, a shield of light, has been placed around the earth by the higher dimensions. Many people have assisted in bringing this shield into place, and in keeping it in position. In this manner a better connection has been brought about between the higher dimensions and the earth. We can contribute to this, and in this manner do something good for the earth and for ourselves. There are two things we can do:
- We can imagine that our bodies are surrounded by a type of crystal. This crystal consists of two pyramids. Both have a square at the bottom. Imagine joining the squares of the pyramids by turning around one of the pyramids, and having the top of one facing upwards, and the other one downwards. The horizontal plane, the square where the pyramids are connected, may be located at a height of your body which at that moment feels the most comfortable to you. We call this crystal a “holon of balance”.
- Besides creating a holon of balance it is important, as often as we feel like it, to bring forth a feeling of gratitude. We can do this by reminding ourselves of something that makes us feel thankful. It is important to really feel this in a physical way. If other feelings arise while opening your heart, just let them be, while maintaining a feeling of gratitude.
At night
When you lay down in your bed you may visualize the crystal again. The top of the crystal is facing upwards, while the bottom is directed downwards. The horizontal square where both pyramids are connected is at the level of the mattress. You lie on the horizontal plane of the crystal. Again you have created the holon of balance around you.
This is what we can do for the earth, and for ourselves.


Love heals

There is a way of being that serves both ourselves and the other person. This may happen when we surrender to Love.
It happened last night. I felt emotional about something. Inside I was struggling somewhat, while at the same time searching for a solution. Then I was reminded by something I read that we can enter a silent place within ourselves. A place where everything is allowed to be the way it is. That’s a place where healing can take place. In the first place we ourselves need healing, and as a result we can be present in silence with the other person. Since both of us were surrounded by Love at that moment, the problems faded away.
Inner peace returned.
I can feel profoundly that this is the Way. The process of loosening the straps that keep us tied to the world, in order to recover a complete connection to the soul. I know that our souls are united with all encompassing love.
In our processes we encounter everything that keeps us from surrendering to That.


Our Identity

Sometimes, when we are trying to cope with a problem, we invest so much energy into this, that we can hardly see the difference between the problem and who we Are. The problem fills our universe. This makes it difficult to see what is really happening. We direct the negative energy against ourselves and against the reality of who we Are, Here and Now. I know by my own experience that our problems will keep pushing themselves upon us until we can understand this.
You can investigate for yourself which problem is filling your mind. Discover the way in which you see yourself as a person who has this problem. The way the problem has almost become your identity. The way you possibly spend a big part of your time thinking about it. Be aware of the body posture that accompanies a person with such a problem.
Now search for a way to widen your vision of yourself. Search for a way where you can accept that there is a problem, but you ARE not your problem. Search for a body posture that expresses such an attitude. Feel the positive influence of this posture on your state of mind. Today you can enter the world with this new posture.
I would like for you to know that you can always return to this attitude.


Weaving a Web of Peace

While I am living in the highest force to which I feel able, I notice lately that I find myself on a solitary road.
Yesterday, I could feel that there are many people living this intention of Peace. I noticed this in the middle of my back.
There IS an already existing web of peace. We can connect to it. We can imagine putting our hands on one another’s back, at the level of the center.
You can also imagine doing this with other people. I name the place right under the middle, “the peace of not knowing”. The place right above the middle: “the peace of existence”.