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Soul stirrings

May respect for ourselves lead the way

Joos, August 22nd, 2018

She was a dreamy child

She was a dreamy child, absorbed in herself and in her play.
People liked her because of her heavenly looks and her curly blonde hair.
She could play for hours on end.

As an adult uncertainty arose, a feeling of not being welcome and not belonging.
The adult had lost her natural way of being.
Mental judgment had replaced the innocence of the child and over-responsibility for the wellbeing of her loved ones had dampened her liveliness.
She became very sensitive towards the judgments and the needs of others.
The child gained maturity of heart.

Now she is an elder who often feels overwhelmed by the demands of life 
She longs for quietude, just being.
This longing is contrary to what life asks for.
The needs of her soul begin to shine through the cracks of her being.
The presence of her soul in her daily existence brings the feeling of trust that she will be able to deal with the demands of life, no matter what.

Joos, 24th of june, 2018

Being who we are

Some of us have spent
such a long time
doing our best for others...
First to please our parents,
then to act in the best way for our children,
or for others who are close to us.
Time has come to let go
and feel what is right for ourselves,
in order to sense who we actually are.
When we create joy for ourselves
we naturally also create pleasure for the other.
In addition, there is always a great Power
who invites us to step into our highest potential.
Anything that is not in tune with this
will need to be dissolved.
I bow my head
in humbleness
while peace is waiting for me. 

Joos, July 11, 2017