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The sun glyphs

It is said that our bodies shelter all faces of the Divine. All types of creative energies are made manifest through our bodies.
The Mayas knew, in their time, that the human body holds the many faces of creation in spheres of light. As I uncovered the sacred calendar of the Tzolkin, I also explored the impact of these sun glyphs on me. The Life Force that moves the Universe in Time spins through us in light and dark, and brings Order into our lives.

At the same time, I learned that Jin Shin Jyutsu® , an ancient Japanese healing art, employs twenty-six safety energy locks along energy pathways that feed life into our human bodies.

My Tzolkin teacher told me about José Arguelles (The Mayan Factor),  who said that we can find the archetypes of the sun glyphs in the 26 energy locks, in the way described by Jin Shin Jyutsu®. So, in one paragraph, Arguelles made a switch from a calendar with certain energies spread out over time, to a matrix for our bodies. This thought intrigued me, but I did not want to believe him without investigating myself.

My investigation was to determine if the quality of the energy points, as described by Jin Shin Jyutsu®, is the same quality as the creative energies of the twenty Mayan sun glyphs in our own bodies. My personal experiences and explorations during the opening of these energy locks have become the foundation for the book Playing with the Life Force.

Our place on the Tzolkin, the Kin, is decided by our birthdates. The Kin is the path of our soul in this life. The energy of Jin Shin Jyutsu® and the sun glyphs together, as I experimented with them, constantly generated new wisdom. This Practice restores the flow of our bodies and synchronizes our lives and our time clocks to the natural flow of the universe.
To emphasize this I replaced the numbers in the figure Mira with the sun glyph symbols.

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Below you can find the number and name of the sun glyph, and a name for the movement of the sunglyph.

  1. Imix - Red Dragon
    Experiencing our Original Self
  2. Ik - White Wind
    Fundamental goodness
  3. Akbal - Blue Night
    Being in harmony with the deep integrity of the Self
  4. Kan - Yellow Seed
    Bridging the physical and the invisible
  5. Chicchan - Red Serpent
    Intimate Being
  6. Cimi - White Worldbridger
    Permission, safe consent
  7. Manik - Blue Hand
  8. Lamat - Yellow Star
    Field of possibilities
  9. Muluc - Red Moon
    Independent Being
  10. Oc - White Dog
    Tender beginning
  11. Chuen - Blue Monkey
    Freedom of movement, playfulness, lightheartedness
  12. Eb - Yellow Human
    Beyond the patterns
  13. Ben - Red Skywalker
    Courage of Love
  14. Ix - White Magician
    Shaman will, integrity
  15. Men - Blue Eagle
    Place of wellbeing
  16. Cib - Yellow Warrior
    Fundamental flow
  17. Caban - Red Earth
    Intuitive connection
  18. Etznab - White Mirror
    Body consciousness, reflection
  19. Cauac - Blue Storm
    Opening to Love, transformation
  20. Ahau - Yellow Sun
    Natural Being
  21. Imix - Red Dragon
  22. Ik - White Wind
    Grounding in trust, Breath of Life
  23. Akbal - Blue Night
    The peace of exitence
  24. Kan - Yellow Seed
    Descent into Home
  25. Chicchan - Red Serpent
    Sacred Source
  26. Cimi - White Worldbridger
    Reverence for Life