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The Wheel of Passion

We can move towards greater fulfillment in life by knowing what our unique contribution can be towards the whole of life.

The Medicine Wheel is one of the tools to bypass our conditioned mind and to inquire about the passion of our soul.
For this inquiry we need an open mind.

Your Soul is in the center of the wheel.

In the South we can ask ourselves
What brings me the greatest joy?
What would I do if I could do anything? 
Ask your inner child, open your mind, and listen.
Be as free as you can when you write down the answers.

In the West we can dream.
What is my wildest dream for my future?
Be sensitive towards the obstacles you feel inside to make your dream come true and ask your soul how you can transform them.
Also ask for the dream of the rebellious adolescent inside yourself and be surprised about the answer.

In the North we can ask ourselves in what ways we can align ourselves with the Spirit-being we are and envision as clearly as we can what we will look like, and feel like, when we are successful in bringing our dream on earth.
Ask the question to the mature heart of the adult inside yourself and get a feeling in your heart for the answer.

In the East we can place an intent for our deepest desires. Here we can ask Spirit and the wise old woman inside ourselves to guide us towards fulfillment of the intent.

Feel free to let your spontaneity answer the questions.
It is about getting to know ourselves better in the places that until now have been hidden from view.