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Joos's journal


The ocean

I am in the South of Spain now, in my house overlooking the ocean.
I love to just listen to the sounds of the ocean, to watch the skies, the sun, the moon, the stars, the birds celebrating life...
To breathe the air, and feel close that which is eternal and everywhere.
Every time I'm here I feel that I can connect deeper to who I am...


The search for the holy grail

Last Sunday I visited a presentation by Janosh and Phil Gruber.
Janosh is a Dutchman who draws beautiful circular geometric shapes. Someone found out that these forms coincide exactly with the patterns in the cropcircles that were later found in France and in England. This was the start of an exciting journey for Janosh.
His search now goes even deeper. He now uses his sacred geometry for the search for the holy grail.
The beauty for me was that during this process he was visited by Mary Magdalen's energy. He got instructions from her about the way this should be presented. Janosh told us that her energy crumbles everything that's in the way for truly being who we are at the core of our beings. It is a very feminine energy that does not like to be framed, labeled.
This is the second time within a month that I feel touched by her energy.
The energy helps us to reconcile the masculine and the feminine in ourselves. So we can be active and strong in a feminine way.