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Joos's journal


Something unusual

Today I did something unusual.
Although I like to write little notes on my web site, it felt different this time.
As if I wrote about a subject I don't know anything about.
Still I felt the urge to do it. You can read the result on the page 'Point of light'.
Probably my hesitancy has to do with the topic. The theme is about the higher dimensions placing of a grid of light around the earth. How can I know this has happened?
I have a good reason to trust this matter, but still?
O.k., everyone may find out for themselves.
I have to admit that this grid and helping to sustain it really is a theme that has occupied my mind for some months now, so I may as well share it with the people who are visiting my web site.


The sun glyphs

Before we can publish my third book, in Dutch and Spanish, we have to change the color of the sun glyph signs in black and white. Otherwise the books would have too many colored illustrations.
So I am waiting for this to happen. A designer will make a new design on the computer.
These kind of things always take some time.

Every day I become more convinced of the importance of our bodies.
Our consciousness, our awareness, is located in our bodies.
Our consciousness precedes the kind of awareness we experience in our bodies.
Our bodies react to the way we think.
So, with our consciousness we create the way we experience the world.
We can train our consciousness to react less to the ups and downs of our environment and to express itself more from inside.
My consciousness seems to enjoy this.


Learning 2

Today I learned something important.
It is about fear.
We say that love is the opposite of fear. It is.
But, sometimes we need something else.
Today I said to myself every time I felt shy, fearful: I take up the challenge.
It made me feel courageous. I felt stronger than I normally do.
It helped me to stay present in my body.
Wonderful. I love this challenge.