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Joos's journal


Consciousness of love

- I am not my reaction tot he world
- My name is known in heaven
- Love is the way I walk in gratitude
- In the silence of my being the Source is near
- Obstacles are beacons to show me the way
- We are co-creators
- May my search for Light be life-enhancing
- I connect myself with the highest Force
- Here I stand
- The desire of the supreme Will is my remembrance of the love and the innocence of my essence
These are the titles of the chapters of the book Wholeness Complete, written by me in 2005
How true is the text still for me, but it takes so long to experience this higher knowing as a human being.
I need to encounter all that stands in the way of living this consciousness.
It feels like a coat that is still too big for me, but I enjoy slowly growing into the mantle.
The exquisiteness of content of the book is still here, like a fragrance that shows me the direction towards which I want to mature.
My body and my mind need time to get used to experiencing the consciousness of the presence of love.