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Joos's journal


The Wave (continued)

Yesterday, because of all good intentions, my ego also wanted to participate.
That made it difficult and enervating.
So, today is a day for letting go of all of this.


The Wave

March 21st, six days from now, marks the beginning of springtime.
The sun will be right above the equator on that day.
It also is Good Friday, full moon, and Maya New Year.
The Maya Star Elders consider this day, the equinox, as being important for focusing on good intentions.
For example on the day of the equinox, aiming for peace, harmony and compassion will have more effect than on other days, .
For that reason Aluna Joy has organised a “Wave". People from all over the world are participating.
By joining our forces on that day by, especially in the very early morning hours, focusing on positive intentions, we together create a tidal wave of powerful, transforming, healing energy and a positive vision for the future.
I sense that I am preparing for this.


New grounds

These days, when I want to write something in the Point of light, I feel timid.
It's like passing a barrier of social prejudice and I hear myself saying: ...That's not done...!
I write anyhow, and trust treading on new grounds.