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Joos's journal


Exploring freedom

I made this painting by freely applying a lot of diluted paint on a previously made portrait.
During the painting process I had the feeling that this would lead nowhere and I felt many control lights flickering inside me.
Yet I continued and even used a wooden spatula from the kitchen to spread the paint.
It's fun to expand boundaries and explore new possibilities.



Leaving behind the old

Life and painting lead me in the direction of leaving behind old ways of being, and follow a deeper chord of my life instead, moving forward beyond the mind.




Sometimes I enquire about a problem and ask the big unknown for an answer.
My question was: how can I be aligned with a world that is derailed?
The inner knowing came soon:
You can only be in line with yourself, do not to hold on to the world, because then you yourself will be torn apart.
Perceive, there is more good than you know, when you are present here and now.
Oh yes, I feel it, inside ourselves lives a great power.