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Joos's journal



Every mother knows that at the root of her self-sacrifice is love.
Love for her child, her husband, her friend.
She is willing to set her own LIFE aside, if only the other will find the happiness she herself does not know yet.
She has learned this pattern from her mother and from the mothers who preceded her mother.
If she does not watch out she will convey this pattern and the confusion that goes with it to her children, and thus lack a basis inside herself.
This will take her even further from who she is at the deepest.
In the center of this confusion lies the seed of love that has been concealed.
Here is the life that is endlessly born anew, and in this place can we find the door that is the opening towards wholeness and fulfillment.
We can find the basis for the love and for our life in our bodies, in our femininity/masculinity.
In the deepest parts that sometimes have been covered with so much shame and disgust and humiliation that I hardly dare to write about it.
The love of our hearts may flow towards the deepest parts of our bodies.
We may learn to take pleasure in ourselves.