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Joos's journal


Conversation with the ocean

Having gone passed my resistance to sharing deeper conversations, I want to share my communication with the ocean with you:
Be silent like the depth of the ocean that remains untouched by the stirrings of the waves and the tides.
This ever present being is present in all that is in you and around you.
Be ever present in all that reaches the shores of your consciousness.
Openness towards what Is is being ever present in what Is.
You can always recuperate from your deviating by returning to this.
My question: ‘Is this It?’
Yes, but you can grow in opening yourself towards the abundance of the life that evolves you.
You and your experiencing are one. We need you on earth to make this connection.
‘Which connection?’
The connection of being ever present in what Is.
‘I love this dialogue. Do you like it?’
I have been waiting for your opening to meet Me.
‘Who are You?’
I am the softness of my breath on your skin. The sound of the breakers of the ocean, the sun warming your hand while you write.
I am the smell of the coffee your husband just poured and I am also him.
There is nothing to be excluded from who I am, and you are gradually coming to know me.
I am the Spirit that moves both of you.
‘Please keep talking to me, even when I am focused on other activities where I tend to forget you. My craving to feel your embrace is so great that I feel irritated. Please help me to release this.’
I am the peace in your heart, the stillness in your breath.
‘I want to surrender my life to you, but sometimes I don’t know how.’
You just made a great jump towards me and life always tests us. Trust that you are on the right path.




Conversation with the rock

Once more I address myself to the rock for a conversation, and I see tussock of grass growing out of an invisible hole.
The rock says:
I have been standing here for millions of years, surrounded by sea and air and wind.
The spores in me are of all times.
I am nearer to eternal being than everything that is happening.
The primal matter is inside me.
I ask: ‘Where does this primal matter come from?’
From the explosions and collisions of the stars in the universe.
‘How do you remember your origin?’
This has been researched by man and given back to me. In some way or another we know when something is correct. This also holds true for me, until a new view is revealed. We then can check this novel revelation again with our own instinct.
‘Rock, I fear that I am making all of this up and that I forget to communicate with you.’
Together we are part of what Is and in this coherence there is ultimately no difference between you and me.



Powerful energies

There are very powerful energies at work.
I can feel it in my lower chakras.
They are rumbling up all kinds of old stuff that I need to deal with in order to return to the steadfastness of my life.
Tomorrow there is a VERY powerful full moon and the day after, on March 20, is the spring equinox.
These are good moments to connect with our first and second chakra’s and to open ourselves to the movements of the earth, while maintaining an upright position, like a tree.
Let us feel the sacredness of all that happens and listen to the earth…
This is probably what the Mayas have foreseen.




At times I refrain from writing for this website, because I still take into account too much what the other person, in this case the reader, will think.
Today I put this obstacle aside and ask my higher self what I shall write.
The answer is:
Love is a state of wellbeing, physically, emotionally, mentally, because love is who we are.
We may return to her embrace at any moment.
So, I transmit this message to you…