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Joos's journal



I do not know how other people experience this, for me solitude balances my soul.
My battery is recharged by returning to silence.
Where I am now, near the ocean, surrounded by the wilderness of nature, I feel more at ease than anywhere else.
Here I can feel that my essence is wild, untamed, and at the same time well ordered like nature itself. Just like the ocean, whose waves touch the land in an incessantly alive and orderly manner.
The smell, the sounds, the endless views, carry me past the horizon of society.
Here I can cast off the influences that make me adapt all the time.
Here I have the feeling that I do not need to look after others, even though the household chores are the same.
Why then do I write? Why do I want to let others know about this?
It has to do with a fascination for life. My life feels more meaningful when I share these things.
There is a voice inside me screaming: Look at this, be silent for just a moment!
Come closer and celebrate with me the sacredness of nature!
At this moment writing is the only way for me to tell this without disturbing that same silence at the same time. Because, when I stop listening, I do not see, feel, smell, know any more.
That’s why I like to write.
To give a voice to the savageness inside me without disturbing the silence.


I am here

During these dark days of December I feel a great tendency to direct my attention inwards. I have the feeling that the biggest treasure is to be found inside.
My body has a hard time. It feels like I am passing through a cleaning process.
By living quietly and turning inside there will be space for creativity to appear.
It is important for me to live from the inside out instead of living from my reaction to what occurs.
This is the feeling I want to share.
I am here.