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Joos's journal



At times I feel like a rainbow: on the one hand wide, grand, calm, while at the same time within myself full of contradictions. They are a type of resistance towards what life has to offer, an internal fight of my small will against what’s happening. A kind of - oh no, not this- and a- yes, I want that-.
Lately I notice my neurosis in full splendor, the rain and the sun at the same time, in a marvelous bow of colors.
I let all of them exist.
Yesterday the restlessness was stronger than the wide, grand and calm. Fortunately, in an article, the word ‘mindfulness’ caught my eye. That word, by itself, showed me the way out of the agitation.
I only need to accept Life to find peace again.
My life then becomes a dance which shows all colors of the rainbow.


Balancing masculine and feminine energy

I notice that it is important to organize my life in a way where the masculine energy of my heart can take form next to the free flowing feminine energy.
The wish to structure time and space for myself occupied my mind until the moment I gave in to this desire by creating a structure for this yearning in reality.
By doing this the right side of my body starts to flow again and I notice that my spirit consents with the new structure in the planning of my life.
It is a small but at the same time very important change in my life.