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Joos's journal


The door

When I ask myself what I want to write today I hear the following:
Love is omnipresent to accompany the process of rebirth we are passing through.
We may let go of the feelings of doubt in our head because with our intellect we will never be completely sure.
Our true knowing comes from our heart and all distractions from the outside or the inside of us may be left behind.
Feelings like fear, doubt, judgment, chaos are standing as gatekeepers at the entrance towards our true selves.
The door is open and all that is being asked of us is to walk through with ease and to open ourselves for the unknown.
The time for such a process is always in the Now.


Good Friday

I have the feeling I am preparing for Good Friday.
Fortunately I not only listen to Bach’s Mattheus Passion, because I also have John, Mark, and Luke’s.
What has this man of Nazareth done for us so that after 2000 years we still feel the resonance?
For me it is significant that he had a wife.
Mary Magdalene for me is an example of the feminine and of the unity between the earthly and the sacred.
I believe that I am moving in that direction.
I feel those aspects inside myself and to integrate them is my calling.
The darkness and the light inside myself.
The warmth of life and the coldness of death.
Surrender, release.
Wir setzen uns mit Tränen nieder…