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Joos's journal



I am sitting outside, on my terrace.
Birds are singing their beautiful songs and in the birdhouse I hear young ones squeaking.
When I stay present in the Now nothing is wrong, on the contrary, I feel joyful, but at times a fear for change creeps in.
A fear that causes a stir in my deepest core.
And that leads me towards searching for ways to calm my fearful self.
At such moments I listen to ‘Times are Changing’ on Youtube, sung in 1973 in Carnegie Hall by Josephine Baker.
Her raw and passionate voice and the waltz rhythm of the melody help my heart and my body-self to find a state of enjoyment again.
Now, while sitting outside on my terrace, I know that the core of the earth herself is shaken.
I also am aware now that we are asked to let the earth know that we are conscious of that and that we are willing to assist her in her process of change.
My heart is calm now.




The victory is not to be found in being able to cope with everything, or in being successful, the victory is to be found in the recognition that we have been faithful to our path, in search for the love, the truth, the compassion, irrespective of what was going on in our lives and in the world.
Many people who read this will recognize how they, time and again, have returned to this pursuit.
Not the results of our effort, but the road itself can be a victory march when we can let go of our attachment to the outcome.
We brighten up the darkness by holding just one candle in our hand.



Conversation with the candle

I felt restless and irritated, so I emptied my workspace, lit a candle and asked the flame for advice.
I heard: Let the fire of your life be seen to the world.
‘How can I do that?’
By being brave and courageous.
‘What’s the difference between being brave and being courageous?’
Being brave is letting the wisdom within shine through you. This is more a matter of being than of acting.
Being courageous is having the fire to show your will.
‘That’s more difficult.’
Yes, there is a gap for you to do that.
‘How did I lose it?’
Through a misunderstanding about ‘Thy will be done’.
You have the feeling that there is a Will outside your will.
That is a fallacy, based on the parent-child interaction.
Your will is the Will of the Divine.
‘My will is the Will of the Divine.
There is nothing I would rather do than write this on my website.’
So, now you see that your will and the Divine Will are one.