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Joos's journal


The invisible Force

Our higher intuitions don't always come through language.
Sometimes they arrive through feelings of turmoil.
Sometimes we even hear them through the anger of someone else.
Sometimes we discover that a change is needed because we ourselves are angry.
We know that the connection to who are has been restored when our mind is quiet again and the storms have passed.
When we are at peace with daily affairs again and have confidence in our decisions for the future.
When we can be open for what is happening now.
Apparently there is a Force that not only invites us towards more life, but also to be a better version of who we are.
This is a fascinating proces. 





Teaching painting

I made this painting when I taught the 13 step method to an experienced painter.
I was insecure when I started teaching.
Unsure about whether I would be too spiritual for her and whether I was capable of teaching the painting method.
The name of the course was: “Embracing the Sacred Feminine”.
To help me to overcome my feelings of insecurity I chose as an intention for the painting: “the Freedom to be me”.
I started painting the background rather wildly, with primary colors.
Apparently I associated freedom with wildness.
In the end the painting process showed me that I just may be my quiet self.
That is enough for teaching.
My student was totally surprised by the painting that appeared on her canvas.
A magical process unfolds when we embrace the Sacred Feminine.