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Joos's journal


Deep listening

Last week I stayed in a wonderful hotel in Amsterdam.
I had a room with large windows that provided a beautiful view of an Amsterdam Canal.
On a desk, next to the phone, was a notepad.
Since I like to write, I always take these as a gift.
This time it was a very nice one.
At the top of each page was the text: Things to do today.
Apparently this was intended for the tourist.
I immediately began to write.
My words had nothing to do with doing, they were about ways of being.
I planned to write a few words each day, and to listen to what my inner self wanted.
The ideas keep changing and come from an ever-deeper place.
It turns out that I want to write about the world, and what is going on in ourselves.
How we suppress and silence ourselves, through cultural patterns we have learned in childhood.
The backlash is also present, both in ourselves and in the world.
We feel this as a pain in our body, or as an emotional reaction, a depression, an inner conflict.
In the world we see it in the form of war, exploitation and hatred.
Apparently there is a process going on, a deep impulse, to liberate us from the patriarchal oppression.
It feels like there is a feminine power that sets all of us in motion.
A force that would like to transcend this crisis.
She wants to create peace, beauty, harmony and intimacy instead.
I will continue with my "things to do today" list, in order to make room for the "doing" that arises from my being.