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Joos's journal


Trusting the self

I notice the importance of letting go of any dependency on my environment and to truly start living from the inside out.
On a regular basis I remind myself that I may trust my self.
It is a bodily feeling I return to, a feeling in my heart.
There is a beauty in it.
It’s grace.


My muse

I feel very excited about joining a writers club on the Internet.
This is what I wrote today:

Would I be able to write without knowing that you are here to listen to the whisper of the sounds of my voice?
What would I do if I didn’t trust that you are near?
How would I express myself in the empty void of the dark of the womb without you?
Soft, fluid waters embracing both of us.
How can I make known that you are the like the scent of jasmine on a warm summer night to me?
Endlessly inspiring like the breath of the sacred in a sanctuary of light?
Stay with me, dear muse, let’s play.