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Joos's journal


Heaven and earth

Last night I sat outside and looked at the cloud formation above the ocean.
All of a sudden I felt how much fear was in the air.
I do not know whether it was a fear from heaven, a type of fear about whether the earth would survive, or a fear of the earth, an insecurity whether she would be able to cope with all of the chaos.
I felt the importance of grounding the fear and of being conscious of her presence.
Only by reconnecting with her, the veils of clouds would be able to dissolve and the connection between heaven and earth restored.
I told the earth to just be her natural, extraordinarily beautiful self and that this would help her to regain her balance.
I also said that the consciousness of the earth is eternal, whatever should happen to her.
Never before has my feeling of what we can do as humans to reestablish the balance between heaven and earth been so profound.
I realized that I contribute most to the reuniting of heaven and earth by overcoming the fear within myself.
After that I covered myself delightfully with a thin, down duvet and enjoyed a deep sleep.



New moon

Today is the first day of a new moon in the Maya calendar.
This moon resonates with the energy of the deer, representing gentleness, beauty, grace, and attunement to nature.
In this moon we also ask ourselves how we can best serve the greater whole.
I read this today in a newsletter from the “Foundation for the Law of Time”.
The beauty for me is that this is precisely the theme of my last poem.
You can find the poem on the 'Poetry' page in the 'Reflections' menu of this website.
Apparently these energies float in the air and I receive them when I open myself towards them.
By living according to those energies we begin to live more in unity.




I notice how important it is to keep my focus on what I want to experience, instead of giving in to feelings of uneasiness.
Ever again I remind myself that I am the captain of the ship, even though the sea seems to be rough.
Most likely I absorb many emotions and fears from others, without noticing that they are not personal.
I know that I am not my reaction to the world, I wrote about this in my books.
Pure presence, at any moment, can help me to decide on my direction.
Peace, harmony, balance.
Universal power follows our train of thought.