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Joos's journal


Nothing to write

It has been a long time since I wrote something in this journal.
As if nothing was important enough to tell here.
How glad would I be if more people would write something in the guestbook of this website, or in the meeting place…
Or if they would make contact through email…
Or if people would tell me why they never would do such a thing.
Or if we would keep one another informed about our growth.
Please let it be known that you are wholeheartedly invited to do so!

I shall make a start with this.
For me the body remains a miraculous source during my exploration.
It looks like all that we thought we had lost can be found in our bodies.
My body seems to become more enthusiastic all the time, just by me being aware of the energy flow.
Small pulses of energy everywhere.
I am not used to using the word “Divine, but now it sounds like the right word.