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Joos's journal



In the end it is about being who I Am and who you Are.
Nobody can tell us what that is.
When I allow myself to be I can be present without distorting myself.
In a like manner you may be.
Not because I say so, but because it is your birthright.
This, just being this.




Today is the day of the solstice, the day when the sun starts his way back in the direction of the equator.
These days the sunset has been at the most Northern place, it goes down behind a strip of land in the ocean.
From tomorrow the setting of the sun will every day be a bit more in the direction of the South.
Until in the middle of the winter the most Southern point has been reached.
On this day of the solstice I realize that I can write about what has been on my mind these days.
With an international group, led by Marc Gafni, we are creating a we space of love.
With your awareness you can connect to this field.
As far as I know it is the connection with all that lives.
It is the bond with the love intelligence that is present in everything.
We have separated ourselves from this field with our thinking minds.
It gives me a feeling of intimacy, without exactly knowing the object of the intimacy.