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Joos's journal



Yesterday I visited Gopher, the publisher of my books, and we talked about the design of the Dutch version of my book Playing with the life force.
This was the first time I personally met someone from the publishing firm.
Apparently I have gotten used to being by myself and working through the internet: Writing, publishing, translating…
I even have never met Carol Grigg, the painter who made the beautiful illustrations for my first two books. I do experience a contact on the non-physical plane with the people with whom I am cooperating.
The need to become less invisible is great. Maybe Carol intended to paint this when she made the above illustration for the book Wholeness complete.



I find it difficult to share personal things in this journal, while at the same time I feel it's important. Sark wrote today: I am convinced that when we can share our "real stuff'', we can then alchemize it into something valuable to bring to the world.
So I'll give it a try.
Yesterday I was in Gouda, near a lake. Suddenly there was a big lightning. I could feel it entering my heart, on the right side. The thunderbolt came a lot later, so the thunderstorm was still far away. It was a nice feeling, as long as I did not go into fear. All through the storm I could feel this connection to the lightning, and I managed to stay in love, to not go into fear.
This morning I read in the newspaper that never before there have been recorded so many places where the lightning has struck.
I feel I am part of this.