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Joos's journal



As I get older, I have more often the feeling that I'm busy.
The longing for silence grows.
Today I had a quiet day with a program that left room to just run errands, drink coffee and enjoy music that I like.
And then, finally, I found the joy of starting a few new paintings.
For my thinking mind, painting is not so important.
But my inner being longs to reveal herself by splashing paint in freedom.
I welcome this creative power inside myself.
It is a desire to express my deeper motives, searching for form.



The mystery

I am sitting on the terrace of my house in Spain.
The wind blows through my hair and I listen to the roar of the ocean.
Such a beautiful place from where I can see how great the forces are between the approaching waves and the sand of the beach.
My body enjoys looking at the white foam of the surf.
The sun is shining brightly.
I feel part of the mystery.
The mystery that cannot be captured in words or in a picture.
Apparently all I have to do is to enjoy it