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Joos's journal



I feel as if I am on a rollercoaster ride with tracks in all directions.
This has to do with the fact that we live in an important transition period.
There are so many possibilities we can choose from that we could lose our sense of direction.
I am aware of this in myself and also just read it in a newsletter from Aluna Joy.
She hears from the Star Elders that, in spite of feeling out of control, it is important to choose a direction.
I shall decide on an intention.
Also that we have to keep our minds open towards the new, the unexpected, and to have the courage to keep moving.
Movement will help to integrate this wave of energy.
According to Aluna Joy, and I fully support this: ‘It is our job to hold the space of this KNOWING that it will be OK . . . and transmit this KNOWING across the Earth daily, minute by minute, by our thoughts and actions’.
For me it is impressive to recognize so deeply what Aluna writes and also to receive the answer to the confusion I felt, the following day on my computer.
We are all part of one flow.



Our true self

I love silence; I always return to her.
My mind is quiet and most of the time I have few appointments in my agenda.
Yet something in me remains restless.
Time and again I need to search for a new way to cope with this.
A few days ago I read that in earlier times a control has been placed around our consciousness, in order to prevent for true wisdom to come to the light.
I do recognize this. Often I become afraid then.
Every instant my mind tends to enter into an old, negative groove, I remind myself of a quality I find important.
This intention gives me a focus. It is a type of searching light to find my direction, in order to stay true to my true self.
Our true self consists of all aspects of love.
The focus amplifies our energetic aim.
In this manner we can magnetize and intensify anything we choose from the universe and feel this in our direct experience.
Above all, let us not forget to open to the new.
Ever again.