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Joos's journal


Lively and silent

Last week I celebrated my birthday. We had a big party, because it was a jubilee year.
Usually I return to my relatively quiet existence after such an event, but this time we travelled with American guests and I remained in the hustle and bustle of being the host and the organizer for one more week.
Because I have learned to be without resistance I managed to rest and to improvise, in spite of the commotion.
Now I am in my house in Spain again.
The ocean is like a peaceful mirror. The soft atmosphere of the Now brings me into a wide open space of possibilities.




I feel that I am living in a time of preparation for what’s to come: I am tidying, throwing away what I don’t need, making space, trusting that what needs to happen will happen.

The new space fills up with silence and time and again I search for ways to be fully present in the Now. Sometimes, with great intensity, old patterns of responding present themselves, and I manage to integrate them into who I am Now.