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Joos's journal



It is easier for me now to understand why I love my computer.
It enables me to write, and to make contact with people all over the world.
Also can I read how the consciousness of others is developing and I can check this with my own feelings.
The big step computers are now making is the move from the private computer towards cloud computing, where the computer functions more as a sender/receiver than as a database for information.
This change runs parallel to the growth of my own spirit.
I trust ever more my ability to tune in to all kinds of transmitters around me and inside me.
Even death has become less threatening through this.
Because the trust in the ‘higher dimensions’, precisely this fine-tuning, will help to cross over seamlessly.




I am preparing a booklet from the texts in the diary of this website.
It is interesting to note how often I have written about solstices, lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, powerful energies, the old that has gone and the new that is not so clear yet.
Maybe that is what will remain and for which we are preparing: Handling change and opening for the new that is arriving.
Letting go of our fear and opening for the love for what Is instead…



Full moon

Sometimes I still feel a vague fear for what’s to come.
This concern is based on my wish to keep everything the way it is.
I know that this curtails my freedom, constricts my life, and shuts out the exuberance and the passion of who I truly am.
When I release my thoughts I do live in my heart, in the present.
Here I find the trust of being able to handle any situation that arises, because, if I do not lock myself out by giving in to fear, who I am will live on in the truth of what happens.
I have the feeling that all of us are facing this at this moment .
We are being prepared, so to speak, to trust our ability to cope with situations.
That is how we become the captains of our ship, no matter whether the sea is calm or turbulent.
In this manner we open for the many possibilities life offers us.
The full moon tomorrow, and the complete lunar eclipse on the same day, both have to do with this opening to the unknown.



The moon

Last night the moon shone in her full glory through the open window.
Since she was nearing the horizon she seemed close by.
I looked at her from my bed and tried to get in touch.
The contact was about the moon not being able to see herself.
She can just be who she is.
She can radiate in view of the fact that she is a round sphere reflecting the light of the sun.
Within half an hour she had left my field of vision.
What is at the base of this eternal harmonic movement of the celestial bodies?
I sense the wonder of this and doze off again.