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Joos's journal



I just returned from a trip to Guatemala, where I visited a school project that is initiated and fundraised by Dutch people.
The name of the project is Niños de Guatemala.
The schools are in the poorest districts of Antigua, where a lot of the people are illiterate.
It was wonderful to see how the schools are thriving, even though more money is needed for raising the level of skill of the curriculum for teaching English.
I had the privilege of leading a painting workshop for 30 mothers, teachers and children.
All participants were eager to be painting and we loved the result.



Wholeness Complete

I'm still following the ideas from my book Wholeness Complete.
Today I read the idea 156: It is important to remind myself of my Goal.
With my hands on the center of my body, I ask my being which direction I want to pursue.
I expect an answer like inner peace, balance or harmony.
Instead, my body starts to enjoy the touch and moves toward delightful cuddling.
Yes, my whole body wants to be alive as far as in the deepest regions.
What a taboo I have to break to dare to write about this!



Loving myself

Loving myself, my own life, is a lesson I learn, every time anew.
The lesson comes back in all kinds of new forms.
Especially when I feel rejected, abandoned by someone else.

I send love to the deeper regions of my body.
My creativity lives there, new ideas to continue with my life.
Without feeling overwhelmed by the behavior of someone else.
That's where space for myself is important, space for doing what I am here for.
It's okay if I forget from time to time.
Because that's also part of my life.



Abstract paintiing

Sometimes I feel the need for renewal of my style of painting.
This painting is inspired by a warmup lesson for exploring cubism.
I enjoyed giving a color to the many facets of her body.



Love envelops me like a protective cloak

Love envelops me like a protective cloak.
This is idea 87 from my book Wholeness Complete.
It dawns on me ever more that I can be completely how I am in all my humanity.
Sad, angry, jealous, indignant, critical, insecure, timid, afraid to fail in the eyes of the people around me because I think I'm not living up to their expectations…
Everything is good.
The conviction that I should be different from the way I feel is so deeply imprinted.
I let today's idea sink in deeply and feel relieved.



Sea Goddess

Painting Sea Goddess was a transformative process.
The swans on her head were there from the beginning.
In addition to water, there came also the fire of the snake.
And the night became day.




In my deepest being, I feel a desire to be intimate with someone.
It's a great power that manifests itself in negative thoughts when I don't listen to her.
She is different from mourning the death of my dear husband.
It is a desire to be close to you, to enjoy your company, to travel through life together.
Should I dismiss this desire as dependence, attachment?
No, I have the feeling that the fulfillment of this desire is the most beautiful occurrence that could happen to me.
I cherish this great power...



Wholeness Complete

Because there is no paper version of my book Wholeness Complete in Spanish, I bought it through
Every day I follow an idea. Because, even though I wrote the book myself, the lessons are forever.
The Spanish language opens up my romantic side. I enjoy the Spanish text and the words penetrate even deeper into me.
I am now at idea 5: I live in a world of duality. Each pole has its opposite. I am both one pole and the other.
Yes, we are whole…



Out of this situation only good will come

While reading the book 'Life loves you' by Louise Hay and Robert Bolden, I am aware how many times I unconsciously have had negative thoughts and fears about the slow recovery after my hip surgery.
That's why I decide to change my 'mantra' into a positive thought: Out of this situation only good will come.
I let this text penetrate deep into me.
So that’s having trust.
The new point of view makes me happy.



Water guardian

Finally I made a big painting again.
I had decorated her headdress with metallic gold paper but could not continue painting until I had bought gold leaf to adorn her. She truly wanted gold. Very special.
Her message was: Have trust. You are in good hands.

Last night I contemplated these words before I fell asleep.