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Joos's journal


The West of the medicine wheel

Before we start painting in the North of the medicine wheel we visit the West, the direction where we will end up after having gone full circle.
In the West lives the visionary, the one who has a vision of what our inner self wants to do in the world.
We can find our inner calling by taking our minds to our childhood and by remembering how we were as a child. 
What were we are good at and what did we dislike the most?
Those two sides are usually one another’s opposite.
Our contribution to the world has to do with our aversion.
Because from the inside, we would like to be involved in reducing what we dislike the most.
If we follow this path, our actions will be supported by who we are.
In the West of the medicine wheel we can start dreaming about how we can give form to this.
I am going to do that...