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Joos's journal



A group of girlfriends is visiting me in my house in Spain.
This is the eighth time we spend a week together.
The first years I felt very responsible and did not succeed in enjoying the "invasion" in my home. I tended to withdraw in an old pattern of survival.
Last year a problem arose in the group. It showed especially during dinner, after we had some glasses of wine. One of us would start talking loudly and none of us could reach her, because she wouldn't listen anymore. Some others would get irritated. This year we were eager to solve this problem, although we didn't know how to do this.
Last night it happened: she started talking louder and louder and did not accept any interference. All of a sudden I said: "Wait", and walked to the kitchen, looking for something that could serve as a "talking stick". I came back with a serving spoon and gave it to the one concerned, explaining that only the one who was holding the spoon was allowed to talk.
It worked perfectly. We shared deeper and more authentic things and found again the friendship that's at the base of this group.



In my house in the South of Spain, right at the Atlantic ocean, I am preparing a room where I can accompany groups. The room is acquiring a warm, earthly glow with the attention it gets.
The name of the group will be: 'The body as an entrance to who we are'.
There is a small, friendly hotel at the beach where my house is located. People can stay there.
A Spanish friend of mine will have an Ayurvedic contribution to the group-weeks.
It feels so good to experience that my dreams begin to take shape.


The Mother

Many people, including me, are used to thinking in masculine terms when we wonder about religion. We believe in authority, rules, and are afraid that we are bad people, because we did not do the right thing. This is engraved in the cells of our bodies. This morning I realized that everything in nature, all that has taken form, including our bodies, is part of the great Mother. For me, for my body, this is a comforting thought.