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Joos's journal


Guardians at the gate

When we begin to open ourselves towards higher frequencies, the challenges also increase.
Our bodies are not used to the new vibratory state and our blockades and terror are intensified.
The real art is to not be distracted by our fears and to hold on to our desire to live in joy, peace, freedom, trust and other essential treasures.
In the end we will be able to see that there is no door.




The last idea in my book “Wholeness” is:

I entrust myself to this moment.
I entrust myself to the Force that takes delight in me as part of Itself.
This relationship is eternal.

I now realize that our bodies are like radio receivers.
We can attune to different frequencies, for example the frequency of joy, trust, passion, or the highest good.
We choose the broadcasting station we want to listen to and then finetune to the chosen channel.
This makes it easier to let go of the noise in our heads and to resonate with the subtle energy we are.