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Joos's journal



I still notice in myself a tendency to attribute my fear for change to the circumstances I live in.
When I do that the uneasiness grows because old patterns are reactivated.
I then start to live in those patterns and distance myself from the continuous state of becoming that I am.
When I flee into fear for the future I also move away from what is Now and who I am Now.
All signals direct me to this one point that is not a point but a doorway towards who I am.
The eye of the needle then becomes a wide opening in which I am creatively present.



Playing with the Life Force

Today I received the first copy of the English version of my book Playing with the Life Force.
I had never gotten around to publishing the English text, but now, with the right help, I got it done.
The size of the book is A4, which makes it very practical.
Now we are working on the Spanish version of Wholeness complete.
After this the set of three books in three languages will be complete.



Let's enter the silence

Let’s enter the silence and leave behind the stories about all that can go wrong.
Let’s enter the silence and trust the good outcome.
Let’s enter the silence and take one another by the hand.
Until dawn arrives.
Let’s enter the silence.