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Joos's journal


A new year

It is raining outside, inside a candle is burning.
I search for serenity in myself on this first day of the new Maya year.
The Maya’s have many calendars. One of them is based on the cycle of the moon: One year consists of thirteen months of 28 days plus one day outside time.
The advantage of a moon calendar is that it is universal.
Everywhere on earth it is full moon on the same day, whereas the influence of the sun depends on the location.
This year is characterized by the energy of the sun glyph Muluc, Red moon.



La última madre

Recently I made a little sculpture of ‘La última madre’ for the Mystery school.
I used papier-mâché and painted the figure afterwards.
She showed herself like a wise old Indian woman with her black hair in a long braid on her back.
I love to look at her.
I once asked her for counsel and the answer she gave me was astounding!