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Joos's journal



I notice that we are living in a time of transition.
Old securities loose their appeal, new needs ask to be specified and expressed and at the same time I do not know what I want.
That is to say, remotely I do know, but what I would like is so different from the habitual that I sparsely dare to take my stand.
It feels like being the helmsman of a ship in a rough sea while at the same time not much is happening.
Life seems to be a paradox.
The old dies away and the new perspective is not clear yet.


Sunday the 21st of June will be the day of the solstice.
From that day on we will be able to experience, more than we ever could, a shift in consciousness.
The old has gone.
A new dawn has arrived.



Once again I realize how important it is to be conscious of my goals in life.
When I forget what I want to focus on I may even feel sacrificed to the most pleasant of conditions, however bright my circumstances are.
After being immersed in a small dip I have figured out once more how I want to live.
I stand firm again, more than that: Peace has returned.