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Joos's journal


Secret wish

A secret wish of mine is to be an ambassador for SOS Children's Villages.
This morning I thought: I can be one, even though I have not been officially assigned for the job.
SOS Children's Villages is a world wide organization. They have villages all over the world, where children who lost their home live together with brothers and sisters and a carefully selected, professionally trained mother. They live in family houses. If I would have lost my home as a child, I would have wanted to be welcomed here.
When I wrote my books Wholeness and Wholeness complete, I had the feeling I received the information. Just like we receive the rain. We don't keep the rain. So, I did not want to keep the revenues from the books and donated them to SOS Children's Villages.
My heart is with the mothers and the children in those villages.



Since visiting SARK's website I feel a lot of creativity arising in me, erasing the shouldn'ts and the oughtn'ts in my body.
Couln't wait for Sark's book on Creativity to arrive, so I bought some colored pens and started drawing the Buddha standing next to the place where I like to sit a lot. There is a mirror behind, reflecting the back of the Buddha's head, the lamp, the glowing red flowers underneath, the skies and trees and shrubs in our garden. Quite a complicated image, but the impression is so familiar and new at the same time.
Then I started writing a text next to the drawing about the posture of the Buddha's hands, expressing HAVE NO FEAR. I found those words still quite agressive, fear reminds me of the war, so I started changing those words into:
Have no...have no...have...have...have...have LOVE.



I learn today how important it is to take responsibility for the choices in life.
If I don't do that, I become a nagging person.
It's not easy to take the road less traveled, but now I can feel again that it's rewarding, although life differs from my expectations.


Book in Spanish

I am excited about publishing my book: Playing with the life force in Spanish.
We are in the final correction phase.
I wrote the book in Dutch, and translated the text into Spanish, by email, with someone whom I have never met, but we know each other so well. He, the translator, doesn't speak Dutch.
It seems like the goal of my life is to promote the importance of the body.
I can feel my own body from the top of my head to the tips of my toes now, whereas I used to live a life where I was split from my body.
This feels wonderful, now that I can feel what I feel.