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Joos's journal



I am translating my book Playing with the Life Force with two Canadian women.
It is not just the translating, they also help me to find words for the integration between the Tzolkin sun glyphs en the Jin Shin Jyutsu® energy points.
One of the women is half Indian and, although we have never met, I feel connected and supported during the organizing process of the book.
This afternoon I would start with the final part of the book when I found out that they sent me another text. So my work was interrupted and I felt slightly frustrated.
What to do?
I make a cup of tea and open the last edition of the magazine …from heart to heart…
Theme of the journal: Gratitude.
It is splendid to find out how a frustration can change suddenly by focussing in a different manner.
I sit outside, the summer rain taps on the sun shade, a cup of tea, the smell of damp flowers.
What difference does it make, why make a fuss?
I enjoy this moment of quiet and realize once more that life is about the Road and not about the goal.


Balancing masculine and feminine energies

Sometimes it is difficult to share what’s happening.
This is especially the case when, like these days, I have the feeling that my body is in the washing machine, and going through all types of emotions.
Now that the worst is over I can write again.
On July 7 there was a lunar eclipse and it is said that this activated a lot of masculine power in each of us. So all types of themes that have to do with the clearing of the unbalance of this energy have surged.
On July 22 there will be a solar eclipse. This will be a portal for feminine energy, which, I hope, will bring harmony and balance.
I am looking forward to this.