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Joos's journal


Message from a bee

Today, after I had taken a swim, a bee was flying nervously in my bathroom.
She couldn’t find the open window, because she was flying too high.
Since I have just painted a bee on my latest painting, this meant more for me than just the event of a bee flying in my bathroom.
I said to the bee: “Fly lower, so you will find the opening".
If this was a message for me, I know that it meant: go deeper, not higher.
Yes, I will do that.





Early this morning I took a “moonbath” in the light of the full shining moon.
By reflecting the light of the sun, the moon shows us the amazing power of the sun, who gives life and light and warmth to all matter that is in her orbit.
I asked if I may receive the harvest of the seeds that I have sewn.
She answered: Acknowledge what you have done and feel what was your contribution.
I recognized what she meant and now I know a bit more about who I am.
That is my harvest.




It will take me a whole year to make this painting of the Cosmic Mother.
Thirteen  moons.
Shiloh inspires us by painting every moon from a different type of energy.
The last one was Sacred Path.
My painting is totally different from Shiloh’s demonstration and it surprises me to see what appears on the canvas.
All of a sudden I painted a bee on her face.
I looked up the spiritual meaning of the bee and learned that she knows exactly where to find the nectar.
So the bee stands for discerniing consciousness.
The Cosmic Mother is an important theme.
She is everywhere around us and we only need to allow her.
The nectar, the life force, then streams towards us.