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Joos's journal



I discover how important it is to totally accept the circumstances of our life when we want to start taking responsibility for ourselves.
The same applies to the acknowledgment of the feelings that are evoked by the situation, our own feelings.
We can experience this love for ourselves in our heart and extend the love to rest of our bodies.
Only then we can choose in freedom how we want to deal with the situation and how we can make the best of the given circumstances.
Maybe in the end we will find that no sea is too high, no bridge too far.




Let us feel the connecion between our hearts on this day and resonate with a knowing that we are One.
Let each of us take up our unique place in a circle of sweet embrace.
Let us send a message to the earth that we love her and that we thank her for the abundance of her nature.
May we bless the waters of the earth and ask them to anoint our bodies with their sacredness.
May we thank the air that we breathe for her life giving force.
May we feel the soft glowing radiance of a new dawn. 
May we find our center in the balance between the Divine feminine and the Divine masculine and may we know that we are sovereign beings.
May we feel the blessing of being responsible for every step that we take.
Let us feel the resonance of the wave of love that so many of us are creating in groups all over the world.
So be it.