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Joos's journal


Inspiration day

Yesterday I visited a conference about the Nameless.
It seemed like all speakers opened a window, and inspired the listeners through their own passion for the theme.
It’s not so clear yet what I have absorbed during that day.
Surely I feel a renewed interest in consciousness, in the mystery of creation, in life beyond death.
I always like to interpret these things to my own life. To my body, my heart, my center, to the energy creature I am.
Once more I realize how important it is to be open for what’s New, at any moment.
Small things become important: to see the bird that’s moving up and down on the tree trunk, to truly listen when my husband, or someone else, wants to tell me something, to find words for the truth in myself and to share those words here.
So, I want to be open for what’s inside me and outside.
What’s true for me now?
Let me try to answer.
As I am in the process of re-owning my inner strength I feel like a rough diamond that’s being polished. When a new part of me opens the content sometimes pushes it’s way out like a lava stream. After that I can handle the feelings in a more polished manner.
I realize I am a fiery being, even though at the same time I feel silence and peace.