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Joos's journal



I notice that part of the time I am occupied with the acceptance of my shadow.
Our shadow is not our bad side, but it is the part of us that has been distorted in the course of time, through our history, through society, through our culture.
She shows herself in an indirect manner and asks to be loved and embraced unconditionally, so that we can live our unique selves in an ever fuller and complete manner.




Now that I have more time for myself I feel the wish to work with people again, in a new way.
I ask the Unseen what is the Highest Dream that wants to be realized and I wait in silence for the answer.
I am surprised by the words that arise in me and I feel touched by the simplicity of the response:

Your Highest Dream is to be decided by you.
We give the energy and the power for the manifestation of your dream.

I am always surprised to hear that it is me who decides.
When I ask myself what I want, I know the answer: I want to work one day a week and offer consultations to people who wish to find a new perspective on an aspect of their life where they have the feeling they are stuck.
I feel joy about the decision and I have more clarity about the direction of my life.