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Joos's journal


Peace and serenity

I ask my heart: "Will this circumstance of my life last long?"
Or: "Will this circumstance be over soon?"
My heart answers: "The practice is to feel the peace and the serenity, regardless the circumstances".
I can proceed with this.




I am following a “Unique Self Course”,  given by Marc Gafni.
It has become second nature for me to disappear a bit and Marc Gafni stresses the importance of every one’s unique Presence.
My inside likes this very much, because my essence feels invited to show herself more.
One of the practices is to say softly inside myself “Yes” to whatever is happening inside and outside myself.
This “Yes” is both for positive experiences and for the negative.
So also when I have lost my keys, or when I feel angry, I say “Yes”.
In the beginning it felt like a cork of a cesspool had been removed.
I said a glorious “Yes” to the grief and the anger that came to the surface.
This has quieted down now.
To say “Yes” to all that arises doesn’t mean that you agree with everything.
The effect is that your own energy, exactly like she is, surges and is allowed to be.
After a few days I feel the need to return to inner silence.
I say Yes to inner silence, ever again Yes...