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Joos's journal


Calling home the birds

                                   Calling home the birds

This is the painting I made for teaching others how to paint according to the 13 step method of Shiloh McCloud.
For that reason I filmed the painting process, while clarifying every step.
The name of the painting has to do with calling back all parts of ourselves we have left with others.
The tiger is swimming into the unknown.
He is drinking from the nectar of life.



The return of the light

Today is the day of the solstice.
The sun is at her most Southern position and after this date she will come closer again.
I am aware how much our lives are connected to this deep harmonic rhythm that is at the base of everything, and how much I love to attune to this deeper ground.
I can feel freedom of movement and connection then, immersed in a mystery that takes place at every moment.
Without the sun and the light there is no life...



Painting with Adriana


I am dreaming about creating a group on Facebook.
The name of the group will be: “Painting with Adriana”.
It is meant to be for anyone who wants to paint with me according to the 13 step method of Shiloh McCloud.
I dream that we will be painting together.
Once you get started it is not difficult, because the method offers the structure for making a painting that shows something of your inner self. And that’s what it is all about.
The wish to paint is enough to find a way to do it and to derive pleasure from it.
The videos in which I show the steps of the painting process will serve as a guide.
You can buy the link to the videos for an introductory price of $US 50,-. This will give you access to many hours of video.
The theme is “Embracing the Sacred Feminine” and the painting is dedicated to all the people who are taking care of a loved one.
Please send an email to if you are interested in painting with me, or if you want to participate in the group on Facebook.